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3 Teens died In Greensboro,NC

Three teens died and one injured during a car accident on Sunday, Nov 30th, 2014. The crash killed the driver and two other teens. A fourth teenager was injured. The vehicle was going 90 mph upon impact, according to police. The vehicle hit mailboxes, a fire hydrant and a tree. De'ondre Millner, 15, of Greensboro, lost control of the Maxima while driving north on Westridge Road between Green Forest and Double Oaks roads at 2:20 a.m., according to the report. He did not have a learner's permit to drive. Millner and Elrico A. Sims, 17, of Greensboro, were pronounced dead at the scene. A second passenger, Brison K. Tucker, 16, of Greensboro, later died at Moses Cone Hospital. The front-seat passenger Na’im R. Williams-Donnell, 16, of Greensboro, sustained minor injuries and was treated and released from Moses Cone Hospital, according to spokesman Doug Allred. The report lays out the following timeline for crash: The Maxima struck a rock-encased mailbox, which ripped the back seat and trunk area completely off the vehicle. The front of the car continued traveling north, striking a fire hydrant, another mailbox and a tree before coming to rest in the southbound lane of Westridge Road. The rear portion of the Maxima continued north and came to rest on the east side of the roadway. The vehicle traveled 120 feet after impact. The vehicle belonged to Williams-Donnell’s grandfather. Bryson was a sophomore at Glenn High School, Naim Attended Western Guildford High school and Rico was an Senior at Page High school.

Reidsville woman gets a continuance in court

The 43-year-old mother and booster club member alleged to have offered oral sex to two teenage athletes at Reidsville High wasn’t at her second court appearance Wednesday. Stacy Setliff, of 1224 Richardson Drive in Reidsville, is charged with two counts of felony sexual activity with a student and two counts of distributing harmful materials to a minor. Setliff was scheduled to appear in Rockingham County District Court on Wednesday morning. The room was packed with defendants, witnesses and victims of other crimes, but Setliff wasn’t among them. And her court-appointed attorney wasn’t present at the start of the calendar call. In September, District Judge Stan Allen appointed Madison-based attorney John Morris to Setliff’s case. But on Wednesday morning, Assistant District Attorney Jason Ramey told the judge that Setliff is being represented by a new attorney — Christian Dysart, who is based in Raleigh. Dysart wouldn’t comment on how he came to represent Setliff, whose case was continued until February. “The only thing that happened in court today is we communicated with the district attorney’s office asking for a continuance until after the first of the year so we can collect discovery and review the case,” Dysart said. According to Dysart’s website, he handles “white collar and federal charges.” He lists federal child pornography cases among his areas of expertise as well as those involving firearms, drugs and fraud. “The majority of my case load is federal and white collar, but I do a wide variety of other cases, too,” Dysart said.

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OCS at Andrews, In Highpoint

There is a Program In the School T.wingate Andrew in Highpoint, North Carolina for Those who don't feel the need to go to college but, plan to have jobs after graduating. This program helps teens get the right amount of hours made up to be able to say they have experience In the working field to be able to get a job that requires experience. It isn't required for the students to take this class but, the school just want to keep kids focused and have a purpose in life. they feel this will help them maintain their time in a positive way and help them want to do something in life and with their spare time. Teachers enjoy helping these teens because they look at us as them when they were younger and are willing to take the time to help, not only for themselves but, for the enjoyment we feel when feeling cared about and wanted to do better.