Leon Foucault

By: Adeley Dellinger


- He was born September 18, 1819 in Paris, France

-He died February 11 in 1868

- He was 49 years old when he died

- September the 18th in 2013 was his 194th birthday

- He attended College Stanislas for his education

The pendulum

His pendulum would show how the earth is rotating with the earth. The pendulum has a wire and it is sung and when it starts to turn that is when the earth is rotating. It is able to start in any place on the pendulum.

His significence

He used his pendulum to show us how the earth rotates which why it is significant to Earth science. When we know how the earth moves it helps with a lot of more stuff to learn.

Interesting Facts

-He let go of his career to be a doctor because of his fear to his blood.

-Even though he was French he was elected for a for a royal society of London.

What he studied

-He studied medicine

-He switched to physical science after he was studying medicines.