IMLEA Monday Minute

October 16, 2017

The 5-Day Teacher Challenge

About a month ago I started seeing things about Rushton Hurley's 5-Day Challenge to become a better teacher. That was it. No details, no dates. So, of course I signed up. Why? I've seen Rushton speak, and know him to be an innovative, humble, caring educator. Plus, many of my friends signed up. You know: just like middle school.

I would have included this earlier, only just last week I found out that it started TODAY. But, "I'm on fall break," you say. Or, "This week is already packed." Or, "Maybe next year." Never fear: you can do this fun challenge at any time and share with your teachers if you wish, or just follow along this week on the twitter hashtag #5DTC

Today's challenge deals with rapport with students and has two simple things you can do to improve relationships. You can still sign up to receive the daily emails, or just follow on the blog. So far, there are over 1600 educators in 35 countries. Rushton will also be the guest on this Saturday's Classroom 2.0 Live webinar, which can be accessed here (12 noon ET)

This Week: Donors Choose Epic Book Match October 18-19

On Wednesday and Thursday, every donation to a Donors Choose Grant that involves books will be automatically matched. Read more about it on this page. This includes projects that have already been created as well as new ones.

The KIND School Challenge

Assemble a team of 3-5 students (not limited to one team per school) and submit a proposal for a project that will spread kindness in your school. Even if you do not create a project to submit, staff and students can find some valuable resources on the website. 10 projects will be funded up to $400, and one team will receive additional funding. NOTE: The deadline is listed as October 20, but on the application page there are directions to ask for an extension.

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Worst Teaching Mistake I Ever Made

This article from Debbie Silver has already received more than 6000 hits. In a way, it relates to last week's article in that it involves occasionally slowing down to speed up. Has your school talked a lot about pre-assessment? Not just data, but zeroing in on where students are?

BTW, if you have never seen Debbie Silver or read her books, she has excellent, humorous takes on teaching.

Middle Level Schools on Twitter

We are still adding to the twitter list of Indiana middle level schools, primarily IMLEA members. We know that there are many more schools with twitter accounts. By clicking on this link, you can easily see the tweets from other schools, and perhaps get some ideas that you can use. Please contact Susie Highley if you would like to be added to this list.

Important Dates

October 16-20: (National) Digital Citizenship Week #DigCitWeek

October 23-31: Red Ribbon Week

October 27: Deadline to apply for grant to host 2018 Summer of eLearning event

October 31: Every teacher's favorite day... or is it the day after?

November 6-8: AMLE National Conference, Philadelphia

November 6-10: U.S. Media Literacy Week

November 10: Global Read Aloud Ends (not too late to join)

November 28: #GivingTuesday (more in upcoming issues)

Session Links and Evaluation Form

Just a reminder that you can access presentations from our conference using this link. We also appreciate all of those who have completed the evaluation form, and encourage others to fill it out. We will use that data at our next board meeting as we move ahead with plans for next year's conference.