Words from Weston

A Monthy Newsletter from Weston Elementary

November, 2020 Issue II

Virtual Learning Edition

Kasie Allen, Principal / Debbie Case, Secretary / Ronda LeBrasseur, Clerk

Dear Weston Families,

As you know, all students in grades K-5 will be learning online beginning Monday November 23 through the rest of the semester (semester ends January 29). With the switch to virtual instruction, we recognize that change can cause stress. Know that we are here to help in any way possible. Please be patient and continue to be flexible. We are all learning a lot together during these challenging times.

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Our plan during this time is to deliver online instruction similar to how it would look in a traditional classroom. It will be important to check your child's Google Classroom daily, as the daily schedule, links to class meetings, announcements and assignments/materials will be posted there. Classes will begin at 9:30 each morning for all Weston students and wrap up at 2:30. Additionally, teachers will be available beginning at 9:05 to answer questions or assist parents and students as needed. Throughout the instructional day, the teacher will teach live lessons lasting approximately 15-20 minutes for each subject and then students will have time to work on the assignments, ask questions, get help as needed, work in groups, and receive feedback. This model will give kids more support, instruction, and time to get help while completing assignments. Your child's teacher will share the schedule they will follow, which will include the various subjects, specials, lunch breaks...

This past week, I talked with several teachers and reflected on the first marking period. We discussed what went well and what we could do better. Parents of our current online students may notice some adjustments and additions moving forward. For our new online students, I want to pass along some of the things we've learned along the way and ask for your assistance to improve and enrich the experience for our students. Please keep the following in mind as your child participates in online learning:

1. Create a designated workplace for your student. It is best if your student works in the same place each day to signify to the brain that it is time for school. It should also be a place where all of their school materials can be stored and organized.

2. Attempt to minimize distractions, including background noises and conversing with your child while the teacher is teaching.

3. If possible, be nearby in the event your child needs assistance, especially for younger children, as our younger students need more assistance with the technology than our older ones (who can probably teach US a few things).

4. Remind your children how to behave/interact during an online classroom. (See sample "Zoom Etiquette" below.)

All of that said, we do understand that it is often challenging for parents to support their children for a variety of reasons and realize that this new format of learning is unfamiliar to many. We are here to help and support in any way that we can. Please reach out to us when you have a concern. We will miss seeing students in our hallways and look forward to the day when our little Hornets return!


Kasie Allen

Weston Principal

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Access to Technology

Devices will be distributed at Weston on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 3-6pm. Only one adult per family will be allowed in, and please wear a mask. For families unable to pick up, there will be a district-level pick up on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 9-12 at Dowdall. If you are unable to attend either date, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.

Having trouble with your device? Please reach out to the Tech Department: kearhelp@kearsleyschools.org or 249-1266.

Other Materials

Children will be bringing quite a few things home with them on Friday for use while learning at home. We have bags here for them, but if you would like to send an empty bag or backpack, you may do so for this purpose.

Teachers will also schedule pick-up dates for distribution of additional learning materials as the weeks progress, as new units of study are undertaken and as new materials are needed to facilitate learning. Please keep learning materials in a designated area and make sure that children only use them for their schoolwork to ensure that they are not misplaced/damaged.

Google Classroom

Please be sure you are connected to your child's Google Classroom(s) (https://classroom.google.com), using your student's email and password to login if you have not already done so. You can log on to Google Classroom from any device connected to internet - even a phone! Click here for a booklet with tips for logging on, as well as basics for navigating. If you prefer a video version, click here.

Tip: KCS student emails must be used to login, or access will be denied. Student emails are as follows: Firstname.Lastname@students.kearsleyschools.org

Paswords are kearstudentID

As an example, Jen Doe with student ID#12345 would have an email of Jen.Doe@students@kearsleyschools.org and her password would be kear12345

Please contact your child's teacher or the office if you are not sure of his/her student ID.

All Weston Classroom "Join" Codes are listed below for your convenience:

Mr. Johnson (PE) - d3w7xk5

Mrs. Shetron (Music) - 4oa65S3

Mrs. Sexton (Science) KDG – eh4gidl & 1st – r3tbifu

Ms. Becker - hz7imm6

Mrs. Berlin - dx5fp4x

Mrs. Brockman - jf67agh

Mr. Chambers - ed4vf6u

Mrs.Cichowicz / Goulish - notye7m

Mrs. Hays - r4sjt62

Mrs. Hogan - 52mpgts

Mrs. Howell - lgohieq

Ms. Jones - 547pghm

Mrs. Kacel - qle7f6j

Mrs. Lobsinger - m6p2ibj

Mrs. Meyer - mmtyffc

Mrs. Ogans - y64nyk5

Mrs. Webster - cep64hs

Mrs. Simms - rbrlody

Lines of Communication

Please go to the district website at: www.kearsleyschools.org and fill out the information for Ed Alerts, right hand side about halfway down. That is how all important information is shared.

A quick and easy way to keep in touch with your child’s teacher is through email. Email addresses are generally the first initial and last name of the teacher @kearsleyschools.org.

The Weston office will remain open M-F from 8:00AM-4:00PM. The office number is 591-8483.

Meal Service

Beginning the week of November 30, 2020, we will have breakfast and lunch meal distribution on Mondays and Thursdays from the front loop of the high school, between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Three days of meals will be provided at pick-up.

Mark Your Calendar

November 25 -Half Day- Students will have virtual instruction from 9:15-12:20

November 26-27 No School - Thanksgiving Break

December 21-31-No School Due - Winter Break

January 4--Classes Resume

January 29-End of Semester 1