Miss McQuillan's Class News

December 12, 2014


This week, in literacy, we have been focusing on using graphic sources while reading. The students have been practicing reading graphs and tables to help them learn more information. We have also been studying action and linking verbs. I taught a song to help remember linking verbs that goes to the tune of "London Bridge". Have your child sing it for you! There will be no spelling test next week.


In Math, we have been continuing to learn about multiplication. We reviewed how to solve multiplication problems traditionally and using partial products. The students also learned a new way to complete multiplication problems. This method is called lattice. I told the students that they can solve their multiplication problems whichever way is easiest for them. This week we also reviewed place value in big numbers. During this lesson, the students practiced reading and writing numbers in the millions and billions. The math test for Unit 5 will be on Thursday, December 18th. I will be sending home a study guide to review for the test next week.


In Science, we conducted two heat and temperature experiments. For the first experiment we filled four jars with water and wrapped each jar with a different piece of construction paper. The colored paper we chose to use was: white, black, pink, and green. The students then made predictions on which color jar they thought would heat up the fastest. We turned heat lamps on over each jar and checked the temperature of the jars with a thermometer throughout the day. At the end of the day, we found that the jar wrapped with the black construction paper heated up the fastest. For our next experiment we wrapped four jars with black construction paper. This time we covered the top of each jar with a different material to see which one would heat up the fastest. We used saran wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil, and then left one jar with nothing over the top. We turned the heat lamps on and tested the jars throughout the day. This time we found that the jar with saran wrap heated to the highest temperature. Next week, we will start a new experiment. If you have any empty shoe boxes with lids that you do not need anymore, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send them in.


~Math MAP testing is on Monday, December 15th

~Music test is on Monday, December 15th

~Math test is on Thursday, December 18th

~Winter Party is on Thursday, December 18th

Holiday Shoppe is Back!

The Holiday Shoppe is coming Friday, December 12th from 5pm-8pm at Chesak. This is an opportunity for your children to experience the Holiday Season in an educational, fun, and exciting way.

The Holiday Shoppe offers over 100 different gifts that can be purchased for as little as $0.25 to $10.00. The items offered are hand-selected based on quality and functionality. It is so much fun for the children to proudly shop on their own for their families at prices they can afford.

A Chesak/Martin PTA Personal Shopper will stay with your child in the Shoppe to assist them with their purchases. They will work with your child and within the budget you have provided, to help teach them the spirit of giving.

Please be sure your child brings the "Gift List" on the back of this flyer, as well as a budget, when they come to shop. This helps our shoppers make sure we stay in the budget for what your child is purchasing. Cash is the only accepted payment, so please do not send your child with a check or credit card. Don't let your child miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the joy of giving!

Car Rider Drop Off

Please remember that students cannot be dropped off before 7:50 in the morning. Car riders need to stay in their cars until the morning bell rings. If parents need child care services before school, they can call the Huntley Park District at 847-669-3180 x 316 or email heather@huntleyparks.org. Martin Elementary School does not have staff than can supervise students before the first bell rings at 7:50. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, for the safety of all of our students!

Girls on the Run 2015

Girls on the Run is back for another fabulous season at Martin! Registration opens online January 7 and all spots fill up fast. Last year all six teams were full within an hour so don’t wait!!

The only way to have teams is with the support and dedication of our amazing coaches. Right now we only have enough coaches to serve two teams. If you’re interested in coaching please see the attached flyer! We need you!

Visit the GOTR website at www.gotrnwil.org or contact Katie Walsh at kwalsh@district158.org for more information

2015 Coaching Flyer