PACE Newsletter

Week of January 4th-8th, 2016

Dear PACE Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. It just doesn’t seem possible that it’s 2016! This school year is just flying by! This week and next we will be finishing up just a few things about Ancient Egypt and working on some group problem-solving activities.

We will begin our research projects in the next few weeks. One of the most important parts of the project is selecting a topic to research. The students can choose any topic, which is sometimes difficult to narrow down. In class this week, the students made a list of possible topics that they would find interesting. I would like for the students to have a final decision by the week of January 25th.

During our research time this year, we will also be doing some lessons about architecture. It should be an interesting set of lessons!!

Thank you for all you do to support our PACE program!

Meg Farley (


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