The Winkley Connection

How to use your DRA and TPRI Data

DRA and the Focus for Instruction

Once you've finished administering your DRA's the fun part starts! Look at a group of students who all have the same reading level and see where the instruction needs to start using the Continuum. For example...does the group need instruction in oral reading fluency through practice in expression and phrasing, or should your instruction focus on Comprehension? Comprehension skills vary from level to level and you might have a group of students all reading on the same level, but they need to work on 3 different areas to move forward in their reading.

What's Next?

TPRI Interventions

TPRI can bring our attention to many different areas of strength and areas for growth. The focus for TPRI Interventions start where the student has strengths to build on, and works toward helping them bridge the skills to an area of weakness. I've included the latest newsletter for TPRI from to help you with ideas and any questions you might have.