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New this Year

Accessing the HAL Services Information sheets for students in PowerTeacher:

  • Click on the Backback
  • Click on an individual student identified for HAL Services (it will list HAL under the student's name on their page/or use viewpoint to generate a list of your HAL students)
  • Click on drop menu "Select Screens", select "Print a Report"
  • For "Which report would you like to print?" select "HAL Services Information." This is at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  • Click on submit.
  • Click on the middle icon, next to the printer, called the "Report Queue." (if you hover over that icon)
  • On the "Report Queue" screen (My Jobs), click on "VIEW." This will open up a printable that you can save to your computer or print a hard copy.

Up and Running...

Room 351: This is the GPS home for HAL. We use this room for HAL student seminars during GPS. We may also send a pass for specific HAL students to come see us. This is also the location of the PEER TUTORING CENTER during GPS.

Peer Tutoring Center: During GPS, room 351 is staffed by HAL students who have been selected to assist students with various classes. Please utilize this time for your students who may need extra help.

Peer Tutoring Sign-up Process:

-Send an email to Mrs. Menard or Mrs. Brewer stating:

1) the name of the student

2) the subject they need tutoring for

3) the date they will go to 351

-Send an email to each student's GPS teacher, communicating that they will report directly to 351 for GPS that day

Share your Successes: Use the Help Desk link to share differentiation strategies that worked well in your classroom. We will share these positive experiences on future newsletters.

Feature Video: The benefits of peer tutoring.


Need help with a differentiation strategy? Have concerns about a specific student identified to receive HAL Services? Do you have a general question about BW HAL Services that we could answer or direct you to someone who can? CLICK ABOVE