Virgin Islands

"Where all of your dreams come true"


Whether you're discovering the islands or just came to get away, this is the perfect place for you! Here at the Virgin Islands we have plenty of activities to keep you busy. Anywhere from going under the sea scuba diving to flying high on an aerial tour, pampering yourself with a massage or even spend the day hiking in our National Park!


The Virgin Islands is an agriculture based economy, despite our small size compared to other countries British islanders have a fairly high standard of living for the Caribbean region. We do have a difficult terrain and a low water supply. Farms are usually small and worked by owner occupiers, many are also part time fishermen. Many young people look for work in the US islands where wages are higher. Our tourist industry makes up almost half of the national economy. (Evans)


The Virgin Islands are made up of seven main islands, and more than 90 islets and cays. The islands are located in between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico. Our climate is subtropical but we have low humidity! You will hardly ever see a cloudy day coming your way! The virgin islands themselves are peaks of submerged mountains that rise from a submarine plateau.Of the 36 British islands 16 are inhabited, most of our islands only rise a few hundred feet above sea level.(Evans)

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In 1493 Christopher Columbus dropped anchor on what is now known as Salt River Bay. But what people don't know is that it was inhabited for 3,000 years. The original settlers were the nomadic Ciboney Indians known as the Arawak, who had migrated from South America to be able to fish and vegetation. For about 500 years they did this until the arrival of cannibalistic Carib Indians arrived whipping out the Arawaks.(History)

At the British Virgin Islands our government is appointed by British rule. The governor that is selected is responsible for defense, internal security, external fairs, and civil service. But the U.S. Virgin islands jurisdiction is exercised, limited legislative powers are held by a unicameral legislature consisting of 15 senators. There are 12 executive departments, 11 are headed by commissioners and the last is the Department of Law.(Evans)