Fusion Foundations Training: Part 1

Reaching Out

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R+F Training: Part One

Welcome to the Fusion Foundations training program!! This program is designed to lead you through the first few weeks of your business so that when you hit your 60 day mark, you are feeling steady and strong!!

This first section will focus on how to start talking about your new business venture with your friends before you know what in the world you are talking about. We will also cover how important it is to stay excited about your business and not try to know everything on day one. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Not knowing makes you relatable and makes your prospects not feel like it’s something they don’t have time to consider.

Before you start contacting people, think about your daily life and schedule and set your “RF Hours of Operation”. When are you going to work your RF business? Think about it, write it down, and make a commitment to stick to them! Pick up the phone when your “shift” starts each day. If you can’t set hours, at least set “activity” for the day (i.e. – I want to contact 5 people each day). It’s a great best practice to plan out the activity you want at the beginning of the week – that way when your time to work on RF comes around, you won’t waste it trying to think of who you are going to contact – you’ll be able to just reach out to them!

Our team is blessed to be led by some of the most amazing mentors in the business, and Mary Mearig, a Million dollar Circle Achiever, has recorded a call specifically for new Consultants. So, before doing anything further, click on the link below and let her welcome you to the business! Have your computer (you will need it to listen to the call) and pen & paper handy as Mary will walk you through your websites and give you some hands on training!


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Reaching Out

To get started reaching out, we want you to simply focus on these FIVE simple steps. This is what we ALL use from beginning to end with each prospect we talk to and it’s been working for us, so it will work for you!! Each step is important so don’t skip any!!

Step 1: Text, email or call your prospect (however you typically correspond with them) and say something along the lines of “Hey! How are you?! I just started this new business on the side and it has been so much fun! I keep thinking you would be great given your XXXX (fill in the blank here with why you think they would be great) and would love to grab coffee (or chat on the phone) and tell you more! Let me know if you have time for coffee or a glass of wine this week (OR if they aren’t local – let me know if you have time for a quick chat sometime this week).” Obviously make it sound like you – this is just an example.

Click on the link below and listen to one of our wonderful Level 5 leaders, Lauren McSwain, train you on how to succeed with your initial reach-outs!


You can find the language Lauren references on this call in the files section of our "Fusion Foundations" facebook page.

Step 2: Discuss the business opportunity with your prospect – doing your best to keep it high level (which early on in your biz won't be too hard as you haven't had much time in the business yet!) Hit on the highlights but focus on your story - let them know what you are doing, what attracted you to RF (examples: no parties, global launch & brand, amazing earning potential, great people, award winning products that work, free media/press coverage all of the time), why you think they would be great (examples: they are social, business savvy, great networkers, looking for another income stream, wanting to do something on the side) and why now is a great time (examples: awesome new incentives, global launch, etc.). End the conversation with – “Is this something you’d like to hear more about?”

If they say yes, say “Great…I’m going to send you an email with some more information that will probably answer 90% of your questions. Take a look at that and then let’s get back on the phone tomorrow and I can answer any questions you may have. I’m going to see if my friend XXX (your sponsor’s name) can join us for that call as she has been in the business for a while and will be better able to answer your questions. It will also be a great learning opportunity for me!” Then move to Step 3.

If they say no, they are not interested:
1– Transition to talking to them about the products – “Would you be interested in trying our award winning products? I’d love to have your support.” Then you can walk them through the solution tool.
2 – Ask for referrals – “If you aren’t interested, do you know of anyone in your network that you think would be interested? I’d love your support as I start this business and build my team.”

Below is a wonderful training call on the art of crafting your short story, and leading people to a 3-way call!


Step 3: Follow up with the “R+F – More Information” email that your sponsor sent you. You will eventually want to create your own version of a More Info email, but to start, just use your sponsors!

Lauren McSwain's More Information Email:


Ashley Stiernagle's More Information Email:


Step 4: Set a 3-way call with your prospect and your sponsor to answer their questions and get them started! Let your sponsor do the heavy lifting for you! It’s important to try to have this call happen within 24-48 hours after sending them the more info email. If you let too much time pass, the momentum dies. If people are not signing up, it’s probably because their excitement is fading or transferring to something else or there has been too much time for fear to creep in!

Step 5: Repeat all steps with new prospects. Don’t stress out! Don’t be overwhelmed!! You truly can’t say the wrong thing to the right person who is ready for this great opportunity. AND….take the pressure off of yourself! You aren’t trying to convince anyone to do something they don’t want to do. You are there to share an opportunity that you are excited about and to give them information so they can decide if they are interested! Some people are interested right away, others like to sit back and watch for a while, and some are never interested. All it takes is ONE person who gets it…and you never know who that person will be!

Finally - remember to have fun!! That is what this is all about!

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