Gram Positive Infections

By: Daniel Ferrer


The cell wall is composed of a thick layer of a substance called peptidologlycan. It can retain the violet stain in Gram's method.


Symptoms can be minimal, like a slight head cold and feeling congested. It is not something you would know you have unless you're being tested.

How it is transmitted

Most are transmitted through blood transfusions from a contaminated needle. It can also be transmitted through an open wound.

Relative frequency

In a span of one year, there were a total of 1087 patients for this disease in a total of three hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Wounds were the most common site for infection.


The infection can get into the blood stream, which can sometimes be deadly. The person must take antibiotics immediately before any further damage is done.

Who gets the disease

In one study it showed that the there was no difference in what percentage men and woman got the disease. People of all ages can get this disease.


It is treated with usually more than a couple of antibiotics and penicillinase-resistant.