Unit 4's Last Day

2-4 Post Assessment due Monday!

What's a Yoke?

You should be starting on or wrapping up your translation assignments today! Unit Four is due Monday! On Monday, we are planning to take the Units 1-4 test, so get all your U IV work done ASAP. Here are some helpful tidbits on this unit's translation assignment!!

Here's Cincinnatus when the ambassadors found him. Notice the wooden thing in between the two farm animals AROUND THEIR NECKS? That's a YOKE. Making someone PASS UNDER A YOKE was a way of humiliating them and giving them a slave-like, defeated status just like that of a ox or donkey! Caesar did this to the Gallic leader Vercingetorix -- it's a very famous thing! I see lots of carts drawn by oxen going right through town while down in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Nothing like watching a BMW pass an ox cart for a little stark contrast!

A BIG BENE goes out to Cameron, who tells me he got all the teachers he wanted this year. Hope it's all you hoped for, amigo!