Bentley Middle School News: APRIL

From the desk of Mrs. Brockmon

A Message From Mrs. Brockmon...

Thank you to everyone who attended parent teacher conferences. We had a good turn out.

I am hoping the students continue to make good choices as we near the end of the year.

Science Update

Students in Ms. Vineyard's 7th grade class are starting to learn about biodiversity:

Students in Mr. Stone's 6th grade class has been able to design and carry out an investigation of what can make a sugar cube dissolve faster.

Mrs. Cooper's 8th graders are learning about the solar system.

STEM and robotics students are learning how to code.

Peace Days

A day without a single write up from anyone in the entire class:

Social Studies Update

8th grade has been learning about suffrage and the abolitionist movement.

Ms. Zell's 6th grade has been wondering "What changes can I make to lessen the effect of my Human Footprint on the environment?"

The 7th grade has been analyzing ancient civilizations.

The Penny Wars generated over $80 for the summer food program in the first week. It continues until May 12th! Keep bringing in your change!

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Math Update

Algebra students have been solving multi-step equations and word problems.

Volume and surface areas have been a focus for the 6th graders.

7th grade math students are learning about geometric shapes and using them to solve problems.

8th grade students have been using the Pythagorean Theorem and finding slope.

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We are selling green apple pops at lunch to raise money for autism awareness. So far we've raised over $77 and will be selling them for one more week!

ELA Update

Students in Ms. Medlin's class are working on paired reading and test taking strategies.

Mrs. Frey's 6th grade class is working on literary essays.

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Electives Update

Art: Creating comic strips.

Communications 8: Creating a student newspaper.

Communications 7: Preparing a persuasive speech.

6th Grade PE: Matball and Yoshi!

7th/8th Grade PE: Learning how to play baseball and softball.

6th Grade Music: Practicing their keyboarding skills.

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