Taiga Cibulka

  1. My love is as a fever, going still.

  2. Of all my loves this will be first and last.

  3. Feeding on that which will preserve the ill.

  4. We met in the secret fern in the grass.

  5. I hope that this women would make me please.

  6. You are my sun, and stars I love and pray.

7. So when that time comes we both will be pleased.

8. You never unplease me that can ruin my day.

9. My eyes are seeing your beautiful stare.

10. Never shall we forget about this gorgeous spring.

11. We both now know were the only ones we care.

12. This world will now make us both fulfilling.

13. From day one you were always my sunshine.

14. Now my women your love shall now be mine.
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