Movie Nights!!!

By: Michelle L. Roberto H. Raul M. Richard M.

Information About Our Events

We raised money for any AVID field trips they may take. We chose to raise money for them because we think that the money we make can go a long way, on a few field trips. We did our event at school, in the auditorium, on May 1st, and 2nd, 2013. I had brought the movies, laptop, and camera. Richard brought the snacks, Roberto brought drinks and a cooler for it, and Raul brought snacks, and made posters. We had showed two movies, on two different days, to raise some money, and got a total of 26 people.


Wednesday May 1st: We showed the movie Kung Fu Panda 2. We sold candy, Gatorade, and kool-aid.
Thursday May 2nd: We showed the movie The Lorax. We sold candy, kool-aid, go-gurt, and Gatorade.

Giving the Money!

We went to the AVID class to give them the money. The teacher was very excited and happy. We decided to put it toward the Skate Country field trip they're going on. The teacher was very glad we gave them the money and thanked us deeply. We are proud we gave the money to AVID.