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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - August 2019

Welcome back!

When I returned to SM a year ago to become a "Rocket" once again, nothing sounded better than the phrase "Welcome back". Once you've been away, you understand how truly wonderful it feels to be welcomed back. Now it is my turn to return the favor and say "Welcome back" to most of you, and to some of you, a straight-forward "Welcome!" because it is your first year either at Lakeview or in SM. In fact, the welcoming nature of Lakeview is the basis of our culture - it is the foundation of how we engage with each other, with students, and with families. We welcome everyone and set the tone for the year through our very first interactions.

There is truly a lot to read and understand in the links below. Please be sure to set aside time to fully understand the documents and schedules that are part of this newsletter so that we can launch our year efficiently and effectively. There are even some school supply pieces that need a response by August 23rd. See you soon!

Thank you

If you've never seen a school in mid-July, you really should some year. You would be absolutely amazed to see completely empty classrooms and completely full hallways. It amazes me that everything ends up in roughly the right place, but that is due to the amazing work and professionalism of Jeff and his crew. Many classrooms moved to new locations, the office was refurbished, the security upgrades are nearly done, we have a new concrete walkway in front, some rooms and hallways received fresh paint, carpets were cleaned, and floors were waxed. Be sure to offer thanks to Jeff Frasch as well as Jeff Reed, our building service lead.

New Staff

I am thrilled - absolutely thrilled! - to introduce the following new staff members to you. We will learn more about each of them and their roles when we are together on the 26th.

Jessica (Jessie) Smith - 5th grade teacher

Kristen Mortier - 4th grade teacher

Bronwyn Knapp - 2/3 special education

Sarah Hartung - 4/5 special education

Kasia Drake-Hames - Art teacher

Brienne Nillissen - Social Worker

Samantha (Sam) McGarvey - School Psychologist

Tanya Fox - Social-Emotional Learning specialist

Lakeview Guidelines Document

Please take adequate time to read through this document. It has been updated and revised since last year. This answers many structural and logistical questions about Lakeview. There have been changes to the document since last year.

Also - if there are things you think should be added or clarified, please let me know.

Opening Week Schedules

The schedule for opening week was contained in a letter from our new superintendent, Dr. Jeff Weiss, via email from Jessica Hess on August 16.

Here is a link to the letter. Please know that the schedule will continue to be updated, so you might want to save a link to it as opposed to printing it. Also contained in the letter are links to information about our Vistelar training day and ID photos.

Our Lakeview specific meetings will be:

• Monday, August 26 from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

• Wednesday, August 28 from 8:00-10:30 a.m.

• Open House is Wednesday night from 5-7 p.m.

• New SDSM staff at Lakeview - you will meet with our Technology Integration Coach, Tammy Lind, from 1:00-1:30 p.m. on Friday, August 30th.

You will need to be sure to get your ID picture taken at the high school. See the letter from Dr. Weiss about this. Your ID badge will be printed for you immediately. I'm guessing most of us are going to want to find time on Friday, August 30th for this.

Staff Meeting Dates for 2019-20

Lakeview staff meetings are from 7:15-8:15 a.m. in the library.

Dates for this year's meetings are found on the Lakeview staff calendar, and they are:

Sept 11 & 25

October 16 & 23

November 6 & 20

December 4 & 18

January 15 & 29

February 12 & 26

March 11

April 1, 15, 29

May 13 & 27

School Supplies - Info needed by 8/23

A reminder about school supplies for open house night:

Remember that the school supply list for this year is new. Your students will be bringing the items on this list. I need two things from classroom teachers:

1. If you need a classroom set of scissors, please let Roxanne know by Friday, August 23rd. These are not on the student supply list anymore.

2. If there is something you need that is not on the supply list (i.e., "Our grade level absolutely needed purple folders"), please let Roxanne know by Friday, August 23rd. Remember that we will not reimburse purchases that you make on your own. Orders are placed through the office.

Extra wipes, ziploc baggies, etc. will go into lockers by the library for community use. You will probably get a lot of these, but do not need to find space for it all in your room.

How to invite someone on Google Calendar

All of my meetings must be in Google Calendar. Last year, sometimes people would create a calendar event but forget to actually take the step of inviting me (there are so many jokes that could be made about that sentence ...)

If you don't know how to create a Google Calendar invite or how to invite someone to the party, please see this very exciting, 57-second video.

Be sure to add my calendar to your list of "Other calendars" in Google Calendar and check my availability before sending an invite.

Class lists

Roxanne and Cortney are working through the registration process and building class lists in Powerschool will be the next step. Even then, lists continue to change right up until the first day of school. My suggestion: If you use name tags on lockers or desks, don't make them until after September 3. A post it note works just fine for open house and the first day of school.

Structural Items

Room map - click here for link

Specials Rotation for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Instructional Schedule - click here for link