Opinions on Andrew Jackson

Spoil System

The spoil system is when a person gets money or votes that can raise their rank in society and they pay them back with jobs or money back. Andrew Jackson has been using the spoil system so he can become president. He then gives his voters jobs as judges. They may even get more from Andrew Jackson there's no telling what he's giving to them.

Slaughtering National Bank

Andrew Jackson is promising there will be no more national banks. Jackson wants them gone because he believes that they are evil and state banks aren't. People say he only does it because he doesn't like the guy who runs the national bank.

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson decided to move all Cherokee into Oklahoma and out of Georgia. The Indians sue Andrew Jackson and bring the case to the supreme court. The supreme court favored the Cherokee Indians. Jackson doesn't care and moves them anyway making a lot of money because he's forcing them to buy expensive land.
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Political cartoon

The political cartoon above shows that Andrew Jackson was acting like a king because he was very commanding and did not care about Constitution. As you can see he is stepping on the Constitution. He is also wearing a crown and robe to show hes king like. It even shows at the bottom "King Andrew The First." to say he's a king.

Plantation Owner opinion

"Man, Jackson's doing a great job with the Indians gone, I can make loads of money off of cotton. I also love what Jackson's doing because he's taking down the national bank and that bank is evil. The state banks should be the only banks that exist. He offered me a job for voting for him I said no thanks but wow that's really nice of Jackson."

Cherokee Opinion

"I think Jackson is evil and wouldn't be president if we could vote but I don't understand why he decided to move us. There's no point plus we were just settling in. Jackson can't move us if the supreme court mind you the highest of courts favors us. We want our land back and the money he earned off of us."