Friday Morning Coffee Chat!

Welcome to the weekend ladies!

So happy to be walking into a relatively empty weekend, after such a FULL week!

You are already receiving a weekly training calendar from the Home office, a weekly newsletter from our upline Zandra Gay and possibly oodles of notifications from the various Facebook groups.

So, I won't be repeating that stuff here :) Reference the Stylist Lounge for all current happenings! Or reach out to me and/or your upline for any questions! We are always here to help!

Let's jump into some celebrating!

# 1---KUDOS!

It's not even March 15th and look at these sales of these sassy stylists!! Wow, wow!

Gina Bogda $ 2,026.00

Ashley Zurawski $ 2,025.00

Pamela Meester $ 1,956.00

Gail Cushing $ 1,533.00

Meredith Kirschner $ 1,456.00

Gretchen Mcdonel $ 1,312.00

Nandini Collins $ 1,310.00

Kelly Palmquist $ 1,245.00

Karen Evanoff $ 895.00

Christine Gaccione $ 841.00

Lots of ladies have trunk shows over the next 2 weeks too. Congrats everyone!

Congrats also to Monica Mutschler for launching her business last night! She went INTO her show with over $400 in outside orders and was expecting 9 guests last night! She is jumping into her 2nd show tomorrow! Yeah Monica! Have a blast introducing Stella & Dot to your neck of the woods in Maryland!

# 2- My booking blitz contest!

Did you read my email? We are walking into our 2nd BIGGEST quarter of the year! Lots of trunk shows will equal lots of contacts & commission in your pocket!

Through Wed March 19th, book any NEW show to get a raffle for a $50 gift card of your choice!

Book for March and get 2 raffles!
Books for April or May and get 1 raffle!

Email me your results after you enter the show into the Lounge or post on our team FB page!

# 3- Deep Dive!

The Home office featured me on their Deep Dive training call this week about sponsoring! If you missed the call and are interested in building a team, listen in!

That also asked me to film a 60 second "spark notes" version of my call which may get featured in next week's Buzz. How exciting! Get a sneak peek below!
Gina's top tips on Sponsoring

# 4- Coaching calls with Gina!

Want to chat anything S&D related? Sign-up for a call with me this week! I'd love to help you tackle any goals or slumps!

# 5- Brighten Your Life in Philly and NYC!

Please join us for amazing training later this month!

  • I'm heading to Philly on Monday, March 24th.
  • I'm heading to NYC on Wednesday, March 26th.

Link below with all of the information! Jessica and Anita are COMING and you won't want to miss out!!!

Your Leadership Team!

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina