Animal Farm

By Michael Coleman


Boxer was a hard-working, strong horse. He was always the first to get to work and last to end. He was as strong as three horses and worked harder than anyone on the farm. One of his personal maxims was "I will work harder".

Theme: Lack of Equality

Napolean was a rude and unfair leader. He gave the pigs the advantage in life over all the other animals. The pigs could eat the apples and got educated, but the other animals did not receive those special treatments. The pigs also slept in Mr. Jones' old house and the others in their barn stalls.

Important Event

In the beginning of the rebellion they had a battle. It was the Battle of the Cowshed. In this battle, the animals got freedom and ran Jones off the farm. With finally gaining independence, they fulfilled Old Major's dream and got what they always wand, Freedom.
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In Animal Farm the leader Napolean was used to represent Joseph Stalin's role in the Russian Revolution. They were both unfair and ran their opponents out of the race. They both also treated their close friends better than the people they represented.
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