Middle Atlantic States

Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Location of the Middle Atlantic States


Generally located between New England and the South Atlantic States.



The heart of the Mid-Atlantic beach tradition and the less pleasant Mid-Atlantic toll plaza tradition. Delaware had Swedes as immigrants.


Most notable for the world treasure that is the Chesapeake Bay, its port cities, such as Baltimore and its crab feasts. Maryland had English Catholics as their immigrants.

New York

A big state home to arguably the word's greatest city, enormous park lands and mountains to the north, and the Great Lakes. New York was home to Dutch immigrants.

New Jersey

The nation's most densely populated state, home to much of the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, as well as miles of white sandy beaches which have been a popular tourist destination since the 1950's.


Large, mostly rural, and beautiful, Pennsylvania is home to two of America's greatest cities, a large Amish population, and a wealth of important historical sites. Pennsylvania was home to the Quakers.

New York and Pennsylvania are the biggest states, with New York being the nations largest city, financial Hub, and cultural center.


There are many different ways that people and goods and ideas travel through the Middle Atlantic.

People and goods travel travel by car, bus, subway, trains, planes, and boats.

Cities on the waterways, such as New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, shipped their industries through the rivers, bay, etc.

Ideas travel through computers, telephones, and many other electronic devices.


New York and Pennsylvania are heavy industries in iron, glass and steel. Some of the other states, such as Maryland and New Jersey have fishermen. The industries and the food are shipped to each other and other parts of America and the world

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