By: Kelsey Cervantes

What happens to people who have Autism

If you have Autism you might not be able to respond to your name or have trouble speaking, and they might rock, spin, or abuse themselves by biting their hands or banging your head. You may have seizures and have brain malformations. Most people show symptoms of Autism in their first year of life.

How do you get this disorder?

You don't really get this disorder it just depends on if you have a family history of people getting Autism.

People with Autism

What can a doctor do to help this disorder?

They might send them to therapy.

How can this disorder be treated ( how to make these people feel better)?

They go to therapy to for behavior issues and more.

2 important facts about this disorder

1. Autism normally develops in the first three years of your life.

2. About 30% of people that are diagnosed with Autism will seem fine until they're about 18 months old