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What is this all about??

During this period of self-isolation, we know that many of our MSE Lab Community Members are missing out on their regularly scheduled programming and by now this must be taking it's toll. It has been a long haul and we can only hope that we are starting to "flatten the curve" so that we can all get back to some sense of normalcy in the near future.

In the meantime, the MSE Lab @ Mohawk College has decided to release a weekly newsletter full of digital resources that lend themselves to DIY sensory programming; wherever you are. Every Friday, we will be releasing a new edition which will focus on different sensory systems and will include activities for you to replicate and try with your clients, loved ones and even yourself!

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to being together again soon :)

ASMR & Soothing Audio/Visual Resources

This week the sensory systems that we will be focusing on are the audio and visual systems. Through accessing these two senses you will be introduced to ASMR- Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR causes a tingling sensation in your head and neck after being exposed to triggers such as repetitive movements or sounds. This tingling sensation is described as being extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

According to Psychology Today, "though ASMR is not experienced by everyone, those who do experience it often say that the sensation is triggered by soft noises-such as a whispering voice-or repetitive visuals, like watching towels being folded. ASMR can also be triggered by physical contact, such as receiving a massage or getting a haircut. Once triggered, it is believed to help induce sleep or ease anxiety" (2020).

We have compiled a few samples of ASMR-type resources for you within this edition of Home-based Sensory Solutions which you can hopefully use during these stressful times with those that you support.In this digital newsletter we have chosen to mainly select videos with interesting visuals but there are plenty of ASMR videos that take on more of an auditory experience. Beyond this resource a simple YouTube search of "ASMR" will bring up many videos for you to explore, some of which are individuals whispering/roleplaying basic experiences like getting a haircut or having a massage.

Materials needed:

A computer or television

Internet connection

ASMR- Kinetic Sand

In this video you will watch bright colours of kinetic sand being manipulated with various tools all of which change the formation of the sand while providing auditory input as well. Make sure to have your speakers turned up to really get the total ASMR experience!

Sand Tagious (December 27, 2019). Very Satisfying and Relaxing Compilation 148 Kinetic Sand ASMR. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Very Satisfying and Relaxing Compilation 148 Kinetic Sand ASMR

ASMR-Sounds for Sleep using Foam

A foam-like substance being manipulated with various tools and dyes makes for a mesmerizing visual and auditory ASMR experience. Turn up those speakers!

Aster, S. (April 5, 2020). ASMR 500+ Triggers For Deep Brain Tingles - ASMR No Talking. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Satisfying ASMR sounds for sleep, tingles and relaxation (ASMR Slime, foam, snow sounds) No Talking

ASMR- Soap Carving

Who knew soap could be so relaxing?? Watch as various bars of coloured soap are shaved with sharp knives to create a captivating visual and auditory show.

959mari. (February 29, 2020). Soap Carving ASMR ! Relaxing Sounds ! (no talking) Satisfying ASMR Video | P319. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Soap Carving ASMR ! Relaxing Sounds ! (no talking) Satisfying ASMR Video | P257

ASMR- Paint Mixing

I have never wanted to paint as much as I do now after watching this paint-mixing compilation! Again, make sure your volume is turned up for this one!

Aesthetic Satisfaction. (January 7, 2017). PAINT MIXING COMPILATION ( SO Satisfying and Relaxing ) #39. [Video file]. Retrieved from

PAINT MIXING COMPILATION ( SO Satisfying and Relaxing ) #39

ASMR- Sleep Sounds

A compilation of various sounds with subtle whispering to help you drift off to la-la land.

Gibi ASMR. (May 9, 2019). ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Fascinating Visuals Synchronized to Music

ASMR may not be for everyone, so we have also included some soothing videos where various visual mediums are used in synchronization with audio tracks. All of these links could be used for a "mindful" break as all that is required is passive observation.

Sensory Soothing Visuals

In this video you will be shown colourful pixels whose movements synchronize to the beat of a soothing music.

Richard, S. (July 7, 2018). Sensory Soothing Visual Therapy. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Sensory Soothing Visual Therapy

Ink in Motion

In this video you will be entranced by the movement of ink in water played to some uplifting music.

Macro Room. (August 1, 2018). Ink In Motion. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Ink In Motion

Pendulums moving to music

A pendulum with glowing light moving in wave-like patterns at different speeds to soothing instrumentals.

Lotsalote. (August 16, 2019). Satisfying Pendulum Wave Patterns in HDR. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Satisfying Pendulum Wave Patterns in HDR