Gamer's Dream

A product to keep a gamer dreaming.

Introducing the Gamer's Dream

In a nutshell, Gamer's dream is a revolutionary Gamer Chair with many features. It's not just any Gamer's Chair. It's for plugging in your own game systems to play your favorite games with the TV screen provided. Or maybe, it's just for you to sit down and relax, maybe have a snack or two. All of its features are shown in the diagram below.
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Why was this created?

One day at home, I was playing the Wii. I became quite uncomfortable in the chairs I sat in, and I would always have to stroll into the kitchen to grab a snack. The Gamer's Dream comes standard with snack pockets and cup holders, a comfortable leather chair to sit in, and an adjustable TV screen for the most proficient gaming.

Why Should You Buy the Gamer's Dream?

The Gamer's Dream will create more ways for any gamer to play on. The many features of the amazing product will impress the niche market's expectations for a gaming-related product. In fact, 47 out of 50 big-time video game players recommend using the Gamer's dream to positively change the way they play.

Materials & Pricing

The Gamer's Dream chair is made out of many materials such as plastic, wires, and steel. It will fly off the floors at Best Buy at a price of $599.99.
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