Kitchen Sink . 12.9.14

(sorry it's long--it's been a while!)

#KeepDomStrong Tomorrow!

With each chemo treatment, Dominic's immune system is weakened. So, our support of Dominic now takes an additional path . . . #KeepDomStrong.
  1. As a visual reminder of Dominic's treatments, all Aquin staff and students are invited to wear #DomStrong shirts to schools on the Wednesdays that he receives treatments. If you don't have a #DomStrong shirt, we have more available in the Spirit Shop. Or, (and additionally), please support Dominic through prayer.
  2. At the high school campus where Dominic spends the majority of his time, we are asking students and staff to be very conscientious about the spreading of germs. If your student has a fever, cough, is vomiting, or is visibly ill--please keep him or her at home. Dominic cannot fend off these contagious illnesses as easily now that his immune system is compromised. We must all work together to help keep Dominic healthy.

We thank you in advance for your continued support.

Basketball Tourney Brackets

Here is a quick run-down of the tournaments that Aquin Basketball Teams are participating in this weekend and some through next week:

Brackets are posted on our web calendar and are linked above. As with any tourney, check daily for updates and schedule changes!

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest

The original date for this had to be moved as it conflicted with the Immanuel Lutheran Tourney that our 5th and 6th grade teams participated in last weekend (more on that below). The new date is this Saturday, December 13 at 4:00pm--or at the conclusion of the CBA games at St. Joe's. The location will be at St. Joe's Gym and any boys or girls ages 10-14 are welcome to attend. Birth certificates are not required at this level. Those advancing to the Regionals in February (in Rockford) will need to provide birth certificates.

Congrats Tourney Champs!

The Aquin 6th grade boys won the Immanuel Lutheran Lancer Tourney by beating Rockford Lutheran in overtime by a score of 35-33. Thanks to Jess Stykel for the champion picture!

Way to go Jays!

Orders Due Friday at Noon!

Please support Aquin through your MarketDay purchases. This month's specials--Broccoli Florets and Pork Tenderloin--can be viewed online at Thanks for your support!

Head Start Toy Drive Update

Thank you to everyone who has donated gifts. We currently have 127 and so we need 73 more. Please help if you can. Send your toy donations to Aquin during regular school hours. Also, if anyone has small boxes (shoebox size-ish) please send them as well. HO HO HO!

Spring Musical Auditions

Auditions for the Spring Musical will be held Wednesday from 6-7:30pm and Thursday starting at 3:30pm. The auditions will be held in the auditorium and are open to any Aquin Senior High student. The Spring Musical will be held on March 20-22, 2015.

Vote and Vote! Repeat!

It is time to vote for “a cool deer”at Bocker and the Interact Gingerbread house at the Freeport Public Library. You may vote once a day at both places.

Scrip Bonuses!

New bonuses from retailers are coming December 13-19. Click here for the complete list.

Also, we currently have some of the following on hand for Christmas:

  • Aeropostale-$25
  • Amazon-$25
  • Barnes & Noble-$25
  • Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy-$25
  • Kohl's-$25
  • Maurices-$20
  • Starbucks-$10
  • Target-$10 and $25
  • Walmart-$10

Planned Absence Procedure Reminder

A note must accompany the student when a Pre-Planned Absence is requested. Students will not be given a form unless there is written parental consent. Absence will be subject to unexcused if proper procedure is not followed.

Beltline Reminders

  • Please use up your 'Halloween-a-thon Pirate Coins' by the end of the month. Each coin earned during Halloween-a-thon is worth 25¢ in concessions or in the cafeteria.
  • Also, Jr-Sr High Campus students are reminded that all charges must be paid in full by Friday, December 19. No charges will be allowed during Finals Week (which begins Monday).