Personal Trainer

By: Michael Neisler

Job Description

Personal Trainer are involved with professional exercise instruction. They motivate and set goals for their clients, along with showing how they can get there.

Daily Activities

The Daily job of a Personal Trainer is to meet up with clients, learn what their goals are, and create a plan for them to follow to achieve said goal. If the client doesn't understand the plan created for them, then the Trainer must show them how the client does each exercise.

Educational Requirements

On average, and in most high in facilities, to earn a job as a personal trainer, you must have a minimum of a bachelors in a health-related field such as like exercise science or physical education. It is possible to get a job with just a high-school diploma, but its not as likely.


The average personal trainer in the U.S. earns just about $56,000 a year. But the range can be anywhere from $40,000-$70,000. Also the more experience and companies that the trainer has under his belt, the more they can earn.


- Good communication and a friendly personality.

- Organization

- Able to Motivate

- Patience

- Knowledge on Nutrition and physiology

Work Place

- Fitness Facilities

- Personal Homes

- Client's home

- Outside

- Live Video (Virtual Trainer)

Job Outlook

The need of part-time personal trainers are on the rise. Medical Trainers are need to keep patients in care healthy and active. Corporation Personal trainers are need to keep workers in shape and working hard. Normal Personal trainers are also need because the need for a home trainer is always high.