The Yellowhammer State

Places of Interest

In Alabama tourist attractions are endless because of the rich history in the state.

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. The famous Birmingham Museum of Art house many wonderful pieces of paintings and sculptures. The museum was founded in 1951. The gulf shores of Alabama are commonly known for their warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Montgomery the state capital is famous because of Rosa Parks. The rich history of the area makes it a historic area. Auburn has a huge stadium called the Jordan Hare Stadium. This stadium is the home of the Auburn Tigers one of the top college football teams.

The places that people want to go to in Alabama are endless but that is just some of the most popular.

State Flag

The flag of Alabama is a simple but meaningful

The flag was designed after the confederate flag. The background of the flag is pure white.In the center there is a red x. Much like the confederate flag.

The history of the flag of Alabama is a interesting and checkered but known the less it is a beautiful piece of art.

The history behind the flag is very interesting and unusual but still fascinating.


Agriculture in Alabama produces many foods for companies and restaurants.

The low lands of Alabama are very wet areas perfect for growing rice. Alabama grows most of the country's rice. Sugar cane farms are commonly found across Alabama . After invasive beetles came to Alabama and destroyed the cotton fields farmer started growing peanuts. Alabama is the main producer of the world’s peanuts.

Alabama provides much of the countries food and clothing material.

Natural Resources

In Alabama all of the regions are perfect areas for resources.

In Alabama the Gulf of Mexico provide mass amounts of fish. Alabama provides many areas with world class fishing .In it’s wetlands there are a common lizard called green anole. Green anoles are native to the east United States. These lizards are heavily included in the pet trade. Wild caught green anoles can sell up to 100 dollars.

The resources in Alabama make for a good state economy.

State Trivia

. Alabama has the longest constitution in the world
  • . Alabama’s constitution has 775 amendments

  • . Alabama’s constitution contains 300,000 words

  • . The state dance is called the folk dance

  • . Alabama was the first state to make Christmas a legal holiday
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