Ms. Stark's Class Update

See what your 3rd graders are up to!

What will we be learning this week?


Students will be learning how to write poems including detailed descriptions of people, places, and things, and literary elements.


Students will learn to write the fraction that corresponds to a drawing or part of a set (numerators 1-9, denominators 2-10. No equivalent or improper fractions or mixed numbers).

Social Studies

Students will learn how to identify fact, opinion, multiple points of view, and primary sources as related to historical events.


Students will be learning how to identify and describe the functions of basic structures of animals and plants (e.g., animals [skeleton, heart, lungs]; plants [roots, stem, leaves]).

Classroom Rules

1. Follow directions the 1st time given.

2. Use time wisely.

3. Listen Carefully.

4. Talk at appropriate times.

5. Respect property of self and others

Students of the Week

Science Video of the Week

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Light Bending & Bouncing (Full Clip)

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Greetings and Salutations! I'm the 3rd grade teacher of Made-Up Elementary School. I graduated from Grove City College with a degree in PreK-4 Elementary Education.