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Carpe Librum: Turn Dreams Into Reality @ Your Library.

School Libraries and Great Expectations Walk Hand-in-Hand

Let's face it: It is true that everyone around you expects something of you. First, you have expectations that you have created for yourself. They are your goals, dreams, and aspirations for your life. Come on! Don't deny it. We all want something out of life. Then, there is your family. They expect that you will grow up and stand on your own two feet and every parent, no matter how hands-on, expects that their child's life will be better than their own. Your teachers and the school district expect that you will learn the skills that you need to be successful in life and that your educational experiences will help you make a difference in your community. So, your life is all about great expectations. In truth, all these expectations can be overwhelming, but don't worry, the Falcon Media Center can help you turn these expectations and dreams into reality. In order to be prepared for the future, you will need to be informationally literate and this starts with being able to read and read well. Research has shown for teens to read well, they need to read often and they need to read widely. So one of our goals for the Media Center's programs is that you be able to read anything and everything. In short, if you can read what you want, you will read more and the more you read....the more places you'll go. So when planning for your future, and how you are going to live up to all the expectations that surround you, make sure that visiting the Media Center and participating in our programs is on your to do list. After all, we are here for you.

Loving, Making Connections, and Meeting High Expectations

This semester, we are promoting the concepts of love, making connections, and meeting high expectations. We will have several challenges throughout the rest of the school year that will demonstrate a love of your school, the library, reading, technology, and learning. You can receive information about challenges by visiting this Media Buzz Newsletter, by checking your e-mail and by visiting the Media Center. Challenges will not only be fun and help you learn, but they will also give you the opportunity for some amazing prizes. To be in the know, make sure you check your email and the newsletter frequently. New contests and media happenings will be added to this newsletter throughout the semester.
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Wouldn't You Love to Make Your Work Easier?

Wouldn't You Love to Make Your Work Easier? You can, with Destiny. Destiny is our library management system. She can help you fall in love with just the right book. You can search for books before coming to the library by searching for title, keyword, subject, series, etc. You can put books on hold and renew them. All you have to do is click here and log in with your school username and password to utilize these features. You can also access Destiny using the links tab from our school's website.

You won't be able to help but fall in love with Destiny when you explore all her attributes. She can also help you with classwork and homework. Many of your teachers require you to do lots of research and here is where Destiny can help...just use her Universal Search Feature. For more information, watch the video below and you will see why you need to get to know Destiny today!

When you have found the books you need using Destiny come to the library to check them out. Click here to view a short video on how to find books on our shelves.

Do Your Research Using Destiny. See How By Clicking on Video Below:

Media Center Expectations

Dream big, be respectful, treat books and each other kindly, clean up after yourself, always bring books back, ask questions, work hard, no food or drink, think outside the box, log off of computers when finished, use manners, collaborate, try new things, explore, take risks, use indoor voices, be creative, choose to do what is right and believe in yourself.

*You must come with an individual pass from a teacher when visiting the media center.

*Please remember to sign-in each time you enter.

Reminder: If you are having issues with your Chrome Book, please fill out the Student Chrome Book Work Request Form. You can also access this page from the School's Homepage using the links tab.

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TAG Your It! Wanna Make Your School Better?

You can turn the media center into the place of your applying to join our Teen Advisory Group (TAG). No one knows what teens want better than teens! TAG members will help select new books and magazines, create flyers and other promotional materials, design book displays, assist in writing the media newsletter, suggest new library programs and reading challenges, write book reviews, make book trailers, and much more! TAG is a way you can make a difference! Click on the link above to apply for the opportunity to join our group. Applicants will be notified via email if they are selected to join TAG.

Connect 4 in a Row at your Library and Win Challenge

The Media Center tries to connect you with resources, books, technology and more that will help you expand your heart and minds. This semester we are doing a Connect 4 Reading Challenge. See your English teacher and/or stop by the Media Center to pick up your Connect 4 boards. The basic premise is that you Connect 4 in a row by completing 4 tasks either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When you demonstrate that you have completed a task to any teacher, get that teacher to sign your Connect 4 Board. Each of the four tasks must be signed off to be entered into a drawing for a lovely prize. Teachers have the discretion to decide how they will have you prove that the task is completed before they sign. So, be ready to show them what you know. Visit the Connect 4 Board here to learn more about tasks, deadlines, and to view live links that can help you complete this challenge. Some tasks are set to begin and end on certain dates. So to be sure you don't miss anything use the Connect 4 Board link above for updates on upcoming challenges.
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Fall in Love with a Book by Participating in Genre Dating Game

I strongly believe that everyone is a reader. It just takes some people longer than others to find what they want to read. We have something for every type of reader. Stop by the library this semester and find your true love by participating in our Genre Dating Game. Here is how it works: Come to the library, sign in, and from the sign in station you will draw a number to see which book you will be taking for a spin. There are 4 eligible bachelors in our dating pool. See their profiles below:

IF YOU SELECT BACHELOR #4: YOU ARE HEADED FOR A BLIND DATE and like a box of chocolates, who knows what you will get.

You Have a Date With a Bachelor...See what each has to offer!

You will fall head over heels for these eligible titles: Click on author's names to find out more.

Bachelor #1

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Off Limits by Robert Rayner

Teenage Love Affair by Ni-Ni Simone

Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Bachelor #2

The Name of the Star (The Shades of London Series) by Maureen Johnson

Roses are Red by James Patterson

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore by Joan Lowry Nixon

Storm Breaker (Alex Rider Series) by Anthony Horowitz

The Silence of Murder by Dandi Daley Mackall

Bachelor #3

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

The Finisher by David Baldacci

Partials (Partials Sequence Series) by Dan Wells

Battle Magic (Circle Reforged Series) by Tamora Pierce

Terminal (Virals Series) by Kathy Reichs

Checkout a Book and Guess How Many Kisses are in the Jar. Closest Guess Wins! Deadline: February 29th

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Congrats! Kurazha Barnes Won the Kissing Booth Jar!

In addition to Kurazha, congratulations to the students below who also correctly guessed the exact number of kisses at the Kissing Booth. There were 56 kisses in our jar. These students were also awarded for their estimation skills:

Kristany Cook

Kamiya Hayes

Bobby Cofield

Tra'Kez Wiggins

Kasiah Freeman

Christopher Cooper

Kiss the Library and Get a Kiss in Return

When you visit the library and checkout a book, fill out a heart that answers one of the following topics and you will get a kiss!

I love reading because...

I love the library because...

I love technology because...

I love books because...

I would love it if my library...

Getting Caught Up in Books: Students and Staff Participate in BookFace Challenge 2016

*Correction: Eric Collins in video above is actually Aaron Belch.

Congratulations! You put your best faces forward!

Congratulations to all the students and staff members that participated in our Falcon BookFace Challenge. Your creative spark really shined through! There were so many brilliant entries, we couldn't just narrow it down to a few winners. Therefore, all student participants will receive a prize. Please stop by the Media Center by February 19th to receive a token of our love and appreciation.
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Love4YourSchool Photo Contest Submit Your Pics Now! Deadline: March 24th

Show off your creativity and love for your school by participating in this semester's photo contest. For this contest, participants will submit pictures that demonstrate falcon pride. Students can submit up to 3 photos based on the following categories:

  1. Sports ActionCapture athletes in action and the spirit of competition.
  2. Student LifeWe want to see who students really are – who that person is, what they do and why.
  3. AcademicsShow us learning in progress. We want to see students HAPPY and ENGAGED in the learning process.
  4. Club or Organizations/Community ServiceClubs and organizations allow groups to shape each individual as well as the community. Show us how.
  5. Feature/PortraitReveal who a person is by showing what they are feeling or a bit of their personality using the face and emotion as the focus. Remember to show emotions related to school pride.
  6. Photo IllustrationShow us a photo that has been modified, manipulated or otherwise features special effects that were created to tell a story.
  7. School SpiritWe want to see the meaning of school pride displayed on the sidelines, in the stands, at practice – by anyone not competing in an athletic event.
  8. Thank a Teacher - Highlight a teacher's love for learning, students, and school.


  • Choose the category above that you would like to submit a photo to.
  • You can enter 1 photo in up to 3 categories.
  • Snap your pics - be sure it is a well thought out photo with good composition.
  • E-mail your pics to
  • Be sure to include your full name, grade level, and first block teacher in the subject line of your email. In addition, rename photos with your lastname, firstname, and category # from above that you are submitting picture to prior to attaching them to your email.
  • Pictures must include BHS/BSHS students, parents, and/or Bertie County Community members.
  • Photos must be taken by you!

Winners will be chosen based on the quality of photo, appropriateness to category, photography rules followed, and creativity demonstrated.

Featured FICTION

If you thought the Bluford Series was Hot...

You should check this out.

Fans of the Bluford series, may want to try these authors:

Jaqueline Woodson, Angela Johnson, Dana Davidson, Alan Sitomer, Janet McDonald,

Caroline Cooney, Dave Pelzer, Beatric Sparks, and Walter Dean Myers.

and below are some other great titles:


The Truth Will Set You Free. Don't forget to check out these Non-Fiction Titles Celebrating Black History Month in February.

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The Story of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement in Photographs by David Aretha

Who Traveled the Underground Railroad? by Cath Senker

Celebrated African-American Novelists by Amy Graham

A Dream of Freedom by Daine McWhorter

What was the March on Washington by Kathleen Krull

Because They Marched by Russell Freedom

The 1964 Freedom Summer by Rebecca Felix

The Montgomery Bus Boycott by Martin Gitlin

Incredible African-American Jazz Musicians by Stephen Feinstein

Finding a Voice: Women's Fight for Equality in U.S. Society by Judy L. Hasday

Schools of Hope; How Julius Rosenwald Helped Change African American Education

by Norman H. Finkelstein

Celebrate Women's History Month In March: Read about Inspirational Women Who Have Shaped History.

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Non-Fiction Books related to Women's History

We Can Do It: Stories of Women in World War II by Andrew Langley

I am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the Word by Malala Yousafzai

Oprah Winfrey Celebrity with Heart by Jen Jones

Wilma Rudolph: Track & Field Inspiration by Jennifer Joline Anderson

Who was Sally Ride? by Megan Stine

Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Profile of a Leading Democrat by Jeri Freedman

Votes for Women! Stories of Women's Suffrage by Charlotte Guillain

Dynamic Duos of Science: Jane Goodall and Mary Leakey by Matt Anniss

Freedom Heroines by Frieda Wishinsky

Who was Mother Teresa? by Jim Gigliotti

Anne Frank in Her Own Words by Caroline Kennon

Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Deborah Kent

Leading Women: Indira Gandhi by Sara Schupach

Michelle Obama by Robin Doak

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Check this Section Frequently For More Fun

Every now and then, I will add more activities here for your enjoyment. Activities will be dated so view our newsletter frequently so you don't miss out!

Activity 1: When you visit the media center, check out a book, and tell me something that you learned from reading this newsletter, you will receive a treat. You must come in quietly, sign-in, and fill out the "Smarty Ticket" located at the sign-in station to tell me what you learned. Be sure to be specific. Bring me the ticket when you check out your book to get your treat.

This activity will begin on 2/29/16 and end on 3/11/16.

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Women's History Challenge: Can You Do It?

Activity 2: Let's Celebrate Women's History Month! For this challenge, you are being asked to show off your knowledge of Women who are (or who already have) changed the face of History.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Each school day in March visit the Media Buzz Newsletter for the day's trivia question.

2. Be resourceful. Use the links and all the information provided in this Newsletter and/or visit the library books and resources for assistance to find your answers.

3. Come to Media Center (A great chance to checkout a book).

4. Sign-In and put your answer on the "smarty ticket" located at the Circulation Desk.

5. On the back of your ticket be sure to write your name and grade level.

*All correct answers will go into a drawing for a prize. Prizes will be announced and awarded to all winners after Spring Break. You will need to check your email to see if you won! Good Luck!

*If you come in with a friend and you both answer the trivia question, and you both check out a book, you will receive something yummy.

Trivia Questions:

March 15, 2016

This question has 3 parts to the answer:

a. What is the name of the woman in the "We Can Do It" Poster found above?

b. What is this poster a "symbol" of?

c. How was this poster used as "propaganda"?

*Click this video link for help with this question.

March 16, 2016

There is a saying that "behind every great man is a greater woman." The women in today's trivia question made their marks while in the White House.

To answer this question, you will play a game:

a. Watch the video link on First Ladies.

b. You will click here to go to QUIZIZZ.

c. Enter the Game Code; 22584.

d. Enter your first initial last name and grade number as your nickname (so I can enter you into drawing for prizes) . For example: msauls9, msauls10, msauls11, or msauls12

e. Play the Game. You can re-watch the video and play the game as many times as needed.

*If you missed this game on the 16th, you can log in until March 24th, with this Game Code: 55751.

*If you prefer the paper quiz, you can visit the Media Center, sign-in, and complete the paper form of the game, but please don't do both the virtual and paper forms.

March 17th, 2016

Whoever thought women can't do Science must not have met these ladies:

To answer today's question we will do another QUIZIZZ Game:

a. Begin by watching the video link on Women in Science.

b. Click here to go to Quizizz.

c. Enter the game code: 79626.

d. Enter your name following the same format as yesterday.

e. Play the Game. You can re-watch the video and play the game as many times as needed.

**If you missed this game on the 17th, you can log in until March 24th, with this Game Code: 90529.

*Paper version is available in Media Center if you choose not to play the electronic game.

March 18th, 2016

Today's trivia question combines two of my favorite things: games and music!

To answer the questions:

a. Watch the Video Link.

b. Click here to go to QUIZIZZ.

c. Enter the game code: 81386.

d. Enter name as you did above.

e. Play the game. Re-watch video if necessary.

*You can log in until March 24th, with the Game Code above.

March 21, 2016

When someone closes a door, find a way to open a window. These women came from humble beginnings, but found a way to create opportunities for themselves:

To answer today's questions:

a. Watch the Video Link.

b. Click here to go to QUIZIZZ.

c. Enter the game code: 20523.

d. Enter name as you did above.

e. Play the game. Re-watch video if necessary.

*You can log in until March 24th, with the Game Code above.

March 22, 2016

Are you Malala? It is possible for "everyone of us to change the world" for better. What will you contribute?

To answer today's questions:

a. Watch the Video Link.

b. Click here to go to QUIZIZZ.

c. Enter the game code: 46800.

d. Enter name as you did above.

e. Play the game. Re-watch video if necessary.

*You can log in until March 24th, with the Game Code above.

*Surprising Fact: The figure quoted in this video, for the number of girls in the world without an education is much higher today.

March 23, 2016

I am Malala! And, like her, I believe that education is "a precious gift. It is like a diamond."

To answer today's questions, I want to give you a voice and hear what you have to say.

a. Watch the Video Link.

b. Go to Today's Meet by clicking here.

c. Answer any of the questions I have posted, post your own, respond to each other. Keep comments appropriate to the topic, audience, and school environment.

d. Enter you nickname as you have done for games above.

March 24, 2016

All games end today at 1:00. If you missed a trivia question from above, use today to catch up. All entries will be entered into a drawing for a prize. The more games you have played the greater the opportunity that you will be a winner.

Tell Us About Your Favorite HOT Reads!

Come check out all our "Hot" titles. We have books on display that will be sure to tempt your fancy. One of my favorites is by a fella named RIck Yancey, but we want to hear more about your favorite reads and give you a chance to connect your friends with them so they can enjoy them as well. Tell us about them by adding a post to this padlet and you will receive a prize. You can post to the padlet April 26 - May 11th.
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You can win a free book. Here is how:

1. Come to the library April 27-April 29th

2. Tell me the secret author of the day below.

3. If you are one of the top three persons to checkout a book for the day, you will win a free book.

Secret Words:

April 27th - L. Divine

April 28th - Scott Westerfeld

April 29th - Walter Dean Myers

Good Luck!

Congratulations to Our April FREE BOOK Winners!

Christopher Cooper, Zania Sweet-Newkirk, Shanicia Gardner, Jonathan Powell, Devonte Bryant, and Joshua Tyson all won free books by participating in our Media Challenges. You could be next!

Remember: Visit this Newsletter often for Media Updates, Contests, Prize Opportunities and More! There will be things added each month.