Bordeaux, France

The famed wine city, La Belle Endormie

A Taste of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is located near the European Atlantic coast in the southwestern portion of France. The city is about 19 square miles large and, as of 2015, the population is 239,399. However, including its suburbs and satellite towns its population is 1,140,668, making it the 6th largest metropolitan area in France. For over 3 centuries, from 1152 to 1453, the area was under British rule. This was due to the marriage of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Despite this, Bordeaux is one of the most "French" cities, being famous for its fancy wines. In addition to this, Bordeaux won the title of "European Best Destination 2015" and is nicknamed 'The Sleeping Beauty'.

Where is Bordeaux?

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Bordeaux River Festival

Once every two years in May, Bordeaux has a river festival on the waterfront. There they celebrate with music, street performances, and film screenings. In addition to this, Bordeaux hosts a huge yacht race called the 'Solitaire du Figaro Eric Bompard Cachemire'. The last river festival was May 22-31 2015. If I'm ever to visit Bordeaux, I'd love to go to this river festival.

The Bordelais/Bordelaises (The People of Bordeaux)

The economy of Bordeaux is built upon the back of its world famous wine and the tourism that comes with it. Thus, some of the people in Bordeaux live on vineyards. Others, however, work in shops, as Bordeaux has one of the longest strips of shops in France. Bordeaux has a very good quality of life, being voted as the best place to work in France. The people of Bordeaux seem to love their surrounding due this great quality of living, quiet countrysides, and a busy city with lots of activities to do in it.

Le Café Français

Le Café Français is a mix of a café and a restaurant, which is what really attracted me to this restaurant. Thus, I can enjoy a dinner or tea and coffee. From the reviews I read, its a pretty relaxing place and the service is good. In addition to this the restaurant is in the very shadow of the Bordeaux Cathedral, which I have mentioned earlier. As they don't have a website, it was hard to find costs, but according to a review it was 18-38 US dollars.

InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel

While I tried to stay with something in my price range for a restaurant in the area, despite money not being an object, I couldn't help give in to the silent promise of staying within a price range when I saw pictures of this beautiful hotel. As the name might suggest the hotel is both grand and has a grand price that comes with it. To book a room is 270 US dollars. The reviews for the hotel range from 4 to 5 stars and the rooms shown in pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I know by staying at the hotel I would feel like royalty.