Gang Violence

By: William Aviles

Is there a strong connection between guns and gangs? What is the government trying to do to stop it?

There is a strong connection between gangs and guns and the government is cracking it down. The government are trying their best to stop the violence.

How does the government know if gangs are buying military guns?

The government regulations requires to start reporting multiple sales of military guns being sold in the U.S. So if there is any crimes that are gang related and their was military weapons involved the police can track down the guns that were used and find out who purchased the guns.

How can the government stop the gang violence in Chicago?

The government doesn't know how to really stop it. The police have tried to do everything what they can but some how the gangs in Chicago, manage to still do a lot of violence. But the police in Chicago will still try their best to decrease the violence in Chicago.


The government around the country is trying to stop preventing violence by tracking down the guns that were purchased in stores and by arresting the gangs so all the civilians can be safe.