Ms. Looney's October Newsletter

Andddd We're OFF...

We are having a wonderful time learning in third grade! I can't believe how much we have accomplished in just one month. We have adjusted well to our daily routines and worked together to develop a positive classroom community. Our October newsletter highlights the amazing things happening inside our classroom. Your children are truly wonderful and they bring me many smiles each day we spend together.

Reading Workshop

In Reading Workshop we started building our Reader's Notebooks, Third graders are VERY excited to use their Reader's Notebooks that will document their reading lives throughout the school year! We have learned how to log the books we are reading in school and discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We also learned about various genres and how to determine which genre we are reading. Students are doing a wonderful job choosing "Just Right" books and monitoring their thinking as they are reading using sticky notes. We have also started our read aloud, Holes, by Louis Sachar. We will learn what "schema" is, how to ask "thick questions", and evaluate books.
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Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop we began the school year studying various forms of poetry. We collected poems we love by reading through our enormous collection of poetry books. We learned that poems evict different emotions when we read them and how to write thoughtful responses to the poetry we read. We examined different types of poetry, including haikus, couplets, cinquains, but our favorite was free verse! One of our most memorable experiences was getting in our class roller coaster and writing a free verse poem about taking a roller coaster ride. Students used their incredible imaginations, creativity, and tapped into their senses to write this wonderful class poem together. We have also learned our new word study activities and undercurve cursive letters. We will begin descriptive writing this week and learn to write descriptive color poems and paragraphs about small moments in our lives.

International Dot Day & Mystery Skype

International Dot Day was a HUGE SUCCESS! We kicked off the day reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. This book is about a child who did not believe in herself until her teacher encouraged her to make her mark on the world. She does this through her art work and then encourages a young boy to do the same. Schools around the world celebrated this idea on September 15th.

In honor of this day, I was able to connect our class with a teacher in New Zealand and an author in Canada using Skype for Educators. In the morning, we had an amazing SURPRISE! We watched a video from a Year 3 class in a different country who celebrated International Dot Day yesterday. They gave us clues about their geographic location and we eventually found them in Christchurch, New Zealand! Watch the video we made for them below. They found us at The Episcopal School of Dallas! In the afternoon we Skyped with guest author, Lee Edward Fodi, who shared his passion for writing and reading and encouraged our students to unleash their creativity.

Password: esddot (lowercase)


We have learned about number patterns, how numbers are related, what tools to use in math and how to use them, money, and elapsed time. Unit 2 will cover number stories, problem solving, addition and subtraction algorithms, and temperature. Unit 3 will cover measurement of length to the nearest inch and centimeter, perimeter, area, diameter, and circumference.


We had an engaging ice balloon lab that taught us that good scientists ask investigative questions. We learned that it is important to follow the steps of the Scientific Method to carry out an experiment. We enjoyed learning this process with a really fun "Candy Soda Experiment". First, we asked the question: Which candy (mentos, smarties, or pop rocks) would fizz the most in a cup of soda? Smarties and mentos tied! Next, we asked the question: Which candy would make the biggest explosion in a 2 liter bottle of soda? Mentos won! We started studying health and nutrition. We know it is NOT healthy to eat a lot of soda and candy! We learned about the food groups using MyPlate, how to read nutrition labels, and how to stay healthy. We will learn what happens to our food after we eat it and the anatomy of our teeth!

Our Excitement for Science is Exploding!

Watch Our Video

Password: mentos (lowercase)

Third Grade is Going Global

In Social Studies, we have learned about our place in the world and started studying the continents. Third graders learned their continent groups complete with "Rocky" theme music. They were so excited! Each child got one of their top three choices and we have all seven continents represented in our classroom. Children are collaborating with their continent groups to create a landform rap about five landforms found on their continent. Landform rap videos will be posted on Vimeo when they are finished! I am excited to see how the children demonstrate their knowledge of landforms found on their continents and showcase their musical talents in their rap videos! I am also looking forward to their "Continent Presentations" on Friday November 7th. Please save the date for this exciting day! I know our Third Grade Globetrotters will amaze us with all they have learned about the world.

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What's Happening in Music?

In Music, third graders are focusing on singing a pentatonic scale and performing on the xylophones while a small group is playing a complementary rhythm therefore learning how to accompany and make harmony.

From Ms. Bryan

Important Dates

Tuesday September 23: Back to School Night 4:30-6:00

Friday September 26: Early Dismissal 11:45 PM

Monday September 29: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Dallas Farmer's Market

Wednesday October 1: Lower School Eucharist

Thursday October 2: Marathon Family Kids Run 7:30 AM

Wednesday October 1-Friday October 3: Lower School Book Fair

Friday October 3: Lower School Conferences

Friday October 10: Elizabeth Anne Worsham Visiting Author, Katie Klise

Friday October 17: Spooktacular Carnival

Friday October 24- Monday October 27: Fall Break -ENJOY!

Friday November 7: 3rd Grade "Continent Presentation Day" 12:15-1:15


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Happy Birthday Kristin! August 6th
Happy Birthday McKenna! September 19th
Happy Birthday Grant! October 14th
Happy Birthday Alexander! October 22nd