Computer Hardware

2nd ICT

Hard drive/SSD

A hard drive is a device that stores and recieves all the memory from the computer. A hard drive has moving parts, a SSD has the same purpose of the hard drive but there are no moving parts, they are quicker, it is smaller and it is more expensive. An SSD stands for solid state drive.

The Optical Drive

The opictical drive is where you put all your cd's DVD's and blue rays, it reads and writes all the data from all these as well. If you did not have an opitcal drive then you would not be able to watch movies, download music or listen to music.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is a very important part of the computer. Everything sits on the mother and it connects everything together, motherboards are one of the biggest parts of computer. Without a motherboard nothing would work togther infact nothing much would work.