CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is some amazing Art work completed by our extremely talented Year 10 students. We are sure you will agree the level of their work is spectacular!

Student Achievement

Timotheos in Year 9 has created a grateful jar and he has been adding notes stating what he is grateful for in his life, a lovely idea. Well done Tim!

Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Mia 7TA, Trafford 7CO, Klaudia 7SW, Kinga 7SW, Dawid 7CA, Tyler 7SW and Kamran 7TU.

Year 8:

Kurtis 8CA, Emily 8CA, Max 8CA, Tyler 8TE and Nicco 8ST.

Year 9:

Kent 9SW, Seth 9CA, Harvey 9TE, Jaasau 9CA, Armaan 9SW, William 9CO, Amelia 9CO and Olivia 9TE.

Year 10:

Andrew 10CO, James 10TE and Jayme-Lei 10SW.

Year 11:

Grace 11CA, Alicia 11CA, Carmen 11TE, Brady 11TE and Ashley 11ST.

Subject Highlights:


Students of the week for PE are:

Veronica 7TU, Lacey 8CO, Silviu 9ST, Brian 10TA, Zak 11TE. For Sports Science, Anya 10TE and Katie 11TA. Finally for Sport and Physical Activity, Year 12 student Debony.

Mr Rogers has nominated Ruby, Dani and Mia (7TA) for their excellent work in PE.


Mrs Gonzalez-Villamil Lena has nominated the following students this week:

Year 7 –students Adam B and Logan R for their enthusiasm in their Spanish lessons this week. Year 8 student Stas for his high participation and commitment in his first week ‘in situ’ at CTS and first time studying Spanish, and Year 10 students Sanjai and Joseph for their resilience and perseverance during this week’s grammar points.

Mrs Sahota would like to give a special mention to Year 10D Spanish. They have had a positive start back and they have really applied themselves to their learning.


Mr Horne would like to say well done to Dylan C (Y9), Daisy, Gabriella M and James H (Y10) who entered the UK Mathematics Trust intermediate challenge online during lockdown and all performed very well.

Mrs Wynn would like to praise her 9A3 Maths group for excellent focus, effort and work.


Miss Jenkins would like to celebrate Oskar G and Xavier J in 8SW, Marian D in 8TE, and Emily H and Rene H in 8CA for excellent work on their Graphic Scores and working out ways to represent music symbolically in class this week.

Miss Patrick would like nominate the following students:

Harvey and Julia (9TE) for sharing their opinions on music throughout the lesson. A special mention to Melissa, Conlan and Matthew (9SW) for the imaginative symbols they used to create their score. Klaudia (7SW) who drew a fantastic character to represent a piece of music and Alexis (7TE) for her creative use of symbols to represent the drum part of a piece of music. Kevin gave a brilliant description of how he would represent a piece of music visually.


Mrs Brown would like to say "Thank you" to her Year 11 and Year 10 classes for great lessons this week. It has been a pleasure being back in the classroom with you all. A special shout-out to George G who had some great background knowledge to add in class on the subject of the poem Kamikaze. Also, well done to the Year 9 students who have started studying The Crucible this week. Special mentions to Danils P, Louis M and Timotheos who both had some excellent contextual understanding to help the class get started. Fantastic work by Year 8 this week, in particular Emily and Rene who both discussed current gender issues sensitively and knowledgeably. Great ideas girls!

Mrs Rice has nominated Year 10 students Finlay W, James, Finley D, Julia and Nikodem for the fantastic delivery of their speeches and for being the first students to complete their speeches in front of the whole class.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

We are delighted to share that Peripatetic instrumental lessons will begin next week. If your child learns an instrument in school, please remind them to bring in their music and/or their instrument in on their usual day. Additionally, there are a couple of spaces on the Drum lesson timetable, so if your child is interested in having lessons on the drum kit, now would be a great time for them to start learning. Please see the website for more information, the link to this is below:



  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.