A1 Turtles Update

Week 13 - November 13th

This Week...

We continue to learn about the first Thanksgiving, Native Americans, and about Traditions. The kids enjoyed our gallery walk of their Sorting Leaf project. There are yellow sticky notes in their Friday folder from our gallery walk. These are compliments from their classmates. We are starting our Weather science unit next week. We have started learning about subtraction and how addition can help us solve. Please continue to encourage your kids to practice their math facts. They can make flash cards, play games with numbers or enjoy a math app. I have included a new link about our current math topic. If you have a holiday tradition that you would like to share with the class, please let me know. Thank you so much for all of your support in and out of the classroom. Have a fantastic week!

Scholastic Book Orders

There is a packet of Scholastic book orders in the Friday folder today. I have included our online code, which is NBNR4. I will submit the order on Sunday, Nov. 22nd. They have some great holidays. If you would like to order books as a gift for your child, please let me know. When I send them home I will put them in a bag so they don't see them :) Orders from Scholastic help our class earn points for new classroom books :)
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Turkey project

Thank you so much for your amazing support! The kids will love making these turkeys :) We have all of the materials donated for the project. We painted our turkey bodies today. The kids are very excited to add the next parts :)

Lots of germs!

We have a lot of germs circulating around school right now. I was given another blue notice today for Strep. I apologize for not sending that out with the kids. I will send it on Monday. If kids have a sore throat and/or fever, I encourage you to have them checked out. I am more than happy to catch kids up when they return from being sick. Please help us all to stay healthy!

Class Website taylor4turtles.weebly.com

Each of the volunteer opportunities is available on my website. Our ceramics and Art Vistas schedule are on my website now. We will start going to the library on Wednesday at 12:45. We would love to have a helper that can assist kids in checking out their books. Please check out the link on the Star Student page with the schedule for the year of when each of the children will have their Star Student week. Please let me know if you have any questions.