Jalen Williams

Lorenzo from Spare Parts and Caines Arcade

Lorenzo and Caine from Spare Parts and Caine's Arcade have similaritys because they're both creative and never gave up. Caine would sit outside all day trying to get someone to play on his genius cardboard arcade. In the end his arcade would just sit there idle collecting dust, until one day he got a big surprise and the entire city came to his arcade. Lorenzo was creative and never gave up because he was the one to come up with the tampons for the leak in Stinky. Although the group was doing bad with at the time, they succeeded and Stinky wasn't inadequate and without a purpose, he actually had a meaning because the robot was fixed.

Nadja On My Way

Nadja showed adversity when she was about to get kicked from her music class. Nadja's teacher told her to learn the violin by a certain time and she didn't. Eventually Nadja triumphed by playing all day. She gave it her all at first and it wasn't good enough but in the end she learned it by venture out and actually learning to play the violin. The cause was she didn't think that she could learn play the violin in time. The effect was that she learned to play in time.

Yellow Star

Syvia showed resilience in the holocaust and was faced with many adversities. Syvia was overwhelmed when she had to move and be put in the ghetto with her family. Syvia tried to she the brighter side of things, but the only problem was that there was no brighter side of things, everything was bad. Food was also very rare to have, the Germans were very stingy, so because of a low food supply she began to falter. In the end Syvia began to realize that she wasn't the only one that was going through that so that kind of helped her with that.

Words Failed Him

Tom Harken took many steps to overcome his ability not to read. He had to Yield and overcome his embarrassment to ask someone to teach him how to read. So Tom Mustered up every bit of courage and bravery and asked his wife to teach him how to read. Tom didn't face many adversity's to succeed because he was very good at hiding it, no one knew he didn't know how to read.

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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman showed perserverance when she refused to leave her family back in the racist south, she went all the back risking her life for her family and hundreds of other slaves. Harriet truly has a strong ambition for her family and is a very noble and kind person. Harriet didnt really face too many adversitys because she never got caught while doing her heroic moment.