Belgium over the years

(Yes Belgian waffles are mentioned.) by:Josh Poston

When did Belgium join the European Union?

Belgium is one of the founder nations that helped make the EU. That means it joined in 1958.

Was Belgium part of another country?

In 57 B.C.E Rome conquered Belgica (at the time this was what Belgium was called) and took control of it for 500 years. When Rome started falling apart, Belgium took back control and adopted German language and the currency. Belgium was also part of the Netherlands but split in the 19th century.

Where is Belgium located?

History of the flag

The Belgian flag is modeled after the French flag. The stripes on it stand for freedom and Revolution. When Belgium left to become a separate country from the Netherlands this flag was created.

The capital and other cities

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. 4 major cities are Bruges, Antwerp, Namar, and Ostend.

Tourism in Belgium

Some tourist attractions in Belgium are: mini Europe, which is a small-scale model of cities in Europe, Cathedral of Saint Bavo, which is a very interesting Cathedral. The final tourist attraction I'm going to tell you about is the battlefields of Flanders, a place the held one of the battles that took place during the First World War.

Geography of Belgium

Belgium has many rivers and other various bodies of water. There are also many plains that are used for farming.

Belgian Government

The government of Belgium consists of a monarchy, parliamentary system, and representative democracy.

What did Belgium use before they joined the EU?

After Rome lost control of Belgium, Belgium adopted the German franc as the Belgian form of currency.

Fun Facts

1. A Belgian founded N.Y.C.

2. There are 3 types of Belgian waffles: liege, brussels, and galettes.

3.Belgium has the highest income tax of any OECD country.


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