Educational Resources

13 great online resources for education.

A little inpiration to begin, brought to you by the Kid President!

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An easy to use website filled with educational activities for families, students, and educators. With links to thousands of other resources surfing the net with kids is a good start to maneuvering the web. The website also offers a tech tips blog, a printable club, and site recommendations.

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Web2.0/21st Century Tools

This site is a wiki that is filled with literally hundreds of links to other valuable resources. The resources are filed under categories such as audio, digital books, videos, blogging, digital art, etc.

The Teaching Channel

A great source of online videos all about education. With categories of videos in math, science, reading, and so much more this site has exactly what any educator might need to improve their classroom. Many videos are online lessons that can be taken directly from the site and used in your classroom. Below is a great example of an online math video!

Classroom Close-Up: Part 3. Third Grade Mental Math

Khan Academy

Khan Academy gives online video lessons of thousands of topics for free. Through this site students can learn material that was online available in the classroom. With help in nearly every subject imaginable Khan Academy gives students the opportunity to take their education into their own hands and can be a great source for online videos in a flipped classroom. Below is Khan's introduction video he presented on TedTalks.

Salman Khan talk at TED 2011 (from

Voted one of the top educational Wikis!

Filled with tools under categories such as presentations, writing, music, organizing, and many others. Each one of these categories can take you to hundreds of other links to websites also. They say that they host wikis to over 14 million people and they can cater to small classrooms to major corporations.


This is a great resource especially for the flipped classroom. On EDpuzzle you can crop online videos, add your voice over the videos, and even embed quizzes at any point to make sure students are getting it. This would be an easy way for teachers to incorporate videos into their lessons without making each one from scratch while keeping their students accountable using the quizzes. Below is a video introduction to EDpuzzle

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle

Living up to it's already great reputation the Discovery Channel has a great website devoted entirely to sharing educational resources. Discovery Education has resources for teachers that include full interactive lesson plans, online text books, and games that can be used in the classroom. This site also has a pretty unique resource for administrators as well. Below is the video introduction to the Teacher Center of the Discovery Education Website!

Exploring Discovery Education: Teacher Center