Charlton's Chatter

Enriched Reading Across the Junior School

NaNoWrimo is finished! Hatchet book trailers are finished and were posted to Padlet. Question posted for Padlet- What should YOUR generation's name be and why? What should we name it? See below for the latest events in our classrooms.

Students have finished their first Word Masters Competition for this school year! They did great! We had many kids that placed in the top 3 spots in each grade level. This was all announced in the Peek at the Week! Congratulations kids! Students who competed in the NaNoWrimo challenge and brought in their writing for ALL 30 days had a lunch date this week up in our room!

Word Masters- All Grade Levels

Next set of words were handed out - Dec. 7th

Next Challenge- Feb. 11th

Please check out 5th grade Hatchet book trailers posted on Padlet!

Poetry Contest- by Dec. 18th -Optional