Koala Bear

An Amazing Animal

Written By: Yaara Rein , grade: 7

Fact File

Name of animal : Koala bear

It lives : Australia

It eats : Eucalyptus leaves

It can: It can climb trees without falling.

It cannot: Eat Animals

Interesting facts about the animal: It can hold on to slippery eucalyptus trees


The Koaka has a stomach, mouth .Its ears are white. It has a big black, round nose .

The Kuala has no tail.

It has fur.

The Koala is short.

The koala's color is gray.

The Kuala has no wings.

King Koala

Why do you think the animal you chose is special?

I think the koala is special because the koala is an indangered and rare animal and the koala is very beautiful and cute.

The koala end the chinchilla:

The koala and the chinchilla have a fur.

They both have gray fur and small ears.

Big image
Big image

Would you like this animal as a pet?

No, because the kola is a wild animal and it needs the wild .Also I dont really like animals .