By: Mary Catherine Cook

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Element Name--Neon

Element Symbol

Atomic Number--10

Atomic mass--20.180 rounds to 20








how electrons are arranged and how they effect the elements reactivity

The electrons are arranged outside of the nucleus, in the electron cloud. There are 10 electrons in the element neon. There are only 2 electrons on the inner energy level. On the next layer there are 8 electrons. The 8 electrons are valence electrons because they are on the outer most layer. If there were more electrons they would go on the next energy level. The rule 2-8-8 means that only 2 electrons can be on the inner energy level and 8 electrons can be on the outer two layers. The reactivity is determined by the number of valence electrons or the electrons on the outer most energy level.

interesting facts about neon

  • Neon gets its name from the Greek word "neos," meaning "new."
  • Neon was discovered in 1898
  • Neon was founded by William Ramsay and Morris Travers
  • The most common form of neon is in signs