Sea World Captivity

By: Jennifer Gomez


In the documentary "BlackFish" by Grabiella Cowperthwaite is successful in illustrating the negative impact of the captivity of orcas in Sea World involving interviews with experienced trainers & stock footage of trainers getting attacked.

Defining The Purpose

The purpose of this film was to prove how the captivity of the Orca's in Sea World affects their mental, physical & emotional pain. This not only affected the Orca's but is a bad environment for the Orca's to be in. The film Blackfish has proven their aggressiveness towards humans while being in captivity.


The first example of interview is with a former trainer who personally worked with dawn. Dawn was a very experienced trainer & had a great relationship with the Orcas. Dawn died by getting attacked. This made me feel as though Sea World really isn't as safe as they make it to be if Dawn was an experienced trainer & died from an attack of an Orca.

The Second example is also another interview with another former trainer saying that they were covering up Dawn's death. This made it obvious that they just want and care about the money & not so much her death.

The last example of Interview was with trainers from Sea World mentioning that they already know the dangers of the Orcas being in captivity. Sea world already knows the danger, but keep the Orcas anyway because they make a lot of money by having the Orca shows.

Stock footage

The first example of stock footage in this documentary is when they showed the effects of how the mother Orca acted when they took her baby away. The mother Orca called for her baby & wouldn't move out of the corner of the water for a good amount of time. In the wild the mother never leaves her baby. The mother Orca wasn't the same after her child was taken away. This clearly effects the performance of the Orca.

The second example of stock footage is when they showed one of the whales with a collapsed fin. In the documentary they said that 100% of all male killer whales have a collapsed fin & only 1% in the wild have a collapsed fin. This usually means that they were fed on an unhealthy diet & or not enough room to swim.

The last example of stock footage was in the beginning of the documentary they show the small area where they keep the whales at. This gives you an idea of how different the environment size changes for the Orcas. Going from a huge ocean to a place so much smaller & less space to swim. This is a dramatic change for the Orcas to get used to living in.

Blackfish - Dawn Brancheau


In conclusion, my overall feeling after watching this film was shocking. This film impacted me as a viewer by proving that Sea World isn't really what they say to be. Before viewing this film I would see commercials on Sea World & have always wanted to go there as a child, especially for the whale show. The commercial made me as a viewer think what a good place Sea world seemed to be. After watching this film I definitely have a different perspective on Sea world & disagree with a lot of what they've done.