Global Warming & Alternative Energy

Is climate change a bigger issue than we thought?

What is global warming?

To put it simply: an increase in average temperatures.

Climate change as a conspiracy theory

Many scientists and conspiracists believe that global warming and climate change occur when professional and criminal misconduct occur. It is argued that humans themselves are destroying the earth by burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and littering. The claim is that the cause of global warming has something to do with the greenhouse effect. Said to be a natural phenomenon, sunlight hits the earth and the heat is then reflected where it goes back into space. This can occur from atmospheric gases which are emitted into the atmosphere by humans.

But does this phenomenon actually exist?

On the flip side

Then there's the believers

Many people believe that this is a man made issue that must be resolved immediately. They stress the fact that we must change our ways and better the environment by finding alternative energy sources and spending more money to do so.

Which side are YOU on?