Wanted Mercury

skylar krohn

Other Known Names

  • +2 mercuric
  • +1 mercurous
  • l murcurious oxide
  • ll mercuric oxide
  • quicksilver


Used In

  • thermometers
  • barometers
  • manometers
  • float valves
  • mercury switches
  • mercury relays
  • florescent lamps
  • batteries
  • also found in fish


  • the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
  • atomic number: 80
  • atomic mass: 200.59 AMU
  • boiling point: 356.73 degrees C
  • state of matter: liquid
  • melting point: -38.83 degrees C
  • 80 protons and electrons
  • 121 neutrons
  • silvery-white
  • mirror-like
  • high density
  • Can be bright red

First arresting officer and first arrest report.

Mercury has been around so long that no one knows the name of the person who discovered it. since people started hearing all about this element from the Chinese and Indians, people and scientists have stated that the Chinese and Indians will receive the credit. Mercury has been known since way before egyption times when they used mercury in their tombs. so that was before 2000 BEC!

Last Seen

Mercury is period 6, group 12

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Known Associates

If mercury is exposed to enzymes in the body, it will result in the enzymes changing chemicly and unable to do what their main purpose is to do.

When mercury is combined with ONC (Hg(ONC)2) it creates an explosive for blasting caps.


Mercury can be very deadly when exposed to the body. Beware around fish and other sea life.