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January 2015

Greetings from HR and Student Services

On behalf of our department I want to first thank each of you for not only the work you do each day to make our district a special place for the children we serve, but also for making EM-S ISD a special place in which each of us can fulfill the high calling of our daily life we call “work.”

Over the fourteen years of my career in EM-S ISD, I have seen our district grow from approximately 8,000 students to now over 18,000 students. As a result our EM-S ISD family has grown to almost 2200 employees. However one constant that has not changed is the feel of a small town family working and supporting each other. I am thankful that as we have grown over the years the small town feel that was evident when I arrived still exists today.

In an effort to foster that small town feeling of genuine support for each other, HR and Student Services has recently developed and adopted Customer Service Expectations. It is expressed in the phrase HR CARES. We found that the letters in the word CARES expressed our beliefs well. The C stands for Commitment, A for Assistance, R for Relationships, E for Exceeds and S for Solve. In addition we have revised our mission statement to better express our desire to serve each one of you. Our goal is that you not only find our Customer Service Expectations to be pleasing to you conceptually, but that each of you, through your interaction with our department will find that these expectations are lived out each time we have the privilege of serving you. I believe that effective customer service is vital in our effort to continue to maintain our small town family even as we continue to grow rapidly.

I hope each of you has a successful completion to the first semester and a great start to the second half of the year.

Proud to serve you,

Steve Williams

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Happy Holidays from Human Resources and Student & Staff Services

We hope each of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Happy New Year!

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Leaves and Absences

The district offers employees paid and unpaid leaves of absence in times of personal need. Policies for each type of leave can be found on pages 24 – 33 in the Employee Handbook which can be accessed through the district website. Employees who expect to be absent for an extended period of more than five days should call Kristine Phillips in the Human Resources department at 817-232-0880 ext. 2756 for information about applicable leave benefits, payment of insurance premiums, and requirements for communicating with the district.

Giving Back to the Community

The Human Resources Department had an opportunity to serve the less fortunate during the holiday season for the 4th year in a row. Giving time to the Tarrant Area Food Bank is a great way to serve the community.

Volunteers suited up in protective gear to keep the food sanitary. They learned how to weigh and package noodles for those in need. On average, the food feeds 281,000 different people annually. During their Fiscal Year of 2010 (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010), they distributed an average of almost 2 million pounds per month, or 23 million pounds to Partner Agencies and other regional food banks. That’s enough food to fill 575 or more 18-wheeler trailer trucks to capacity (30,000 to 40,000 pounds per trailer), or 23 million pounds is also enough food for more than 17.8 million meals.

"This was my time to go with my co-workers in HR to volunteer at the Tarrant Area Food Bank. I really enjoyed working alongside my friends to help prepare the food items that would be provided to many people in need. It was a very rewarding and humbling experience that I hope to have the opportunity to do again." - Terry Flory

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Tarrant Area Food Bank. Without volunteers, it would not be possible to respond to hundreds of hungry North Texans every day. Whether you choose to sort, inspect, and repack food items that will be offered to local families, or served as a hot meal at a senior center or as an after-school snack at a Kid’s Café, YOU can make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.

Student Services Department Information

Here's who to contact in Student Services depending on your need:

Bobby Jester

Director of Student & Staff Services

817-232-0880 ext. 2762

Secondary Transfers

Secondary Concerns

Mandatory ADC Placements

Emergency Situations

Student Handbook & Code of Conduct


Expulsions - JJAEP

Employee Handbook



Jennifer Villines

Coordinator of Student & Staff Services

817-232-0880 ext. 2753

Elementary Transfers

Elementary Concerns

Discretionary ADC Placements

Truancy Program

Drug Testing Program

PBIS (K-12)

Coordinate District Character Education Program

Independent Contractors

Bullying Incident Reports