Team Talk


Monday's Staff Development and Collaborative Planning

K-4 teachers will meet in the downstairs computer lab at 8:30 am. Lunch is from 11:30-12:45 and all professional staff who serves students will meet back in the downstairs computer lab. Please plan to eat somewhere that is quick enough to get back on time. At 12:45 we will be working with a representative from Amplify to take a personal survey regarding use of technology in the classroom. You will receive results of the survey.

21 Day Challenge - Cheetahs Hear our Roar!!

Dr. Hindt wants to win and so do we!!! Ok---not only will Dr. Hindt host a celebration at his house for our staff, but if we're the winning campus, everyone gets to wear jeans the month of April)! Please consider offering in class incentives for your students! Jamee will be sending you an email blurb separate from your newsletters to email out to parents. WE CAN WIN THIS!

Jan. 11th thru the 24th is the sign-up period for all School Districts. (Allen v.s. Prosper)

· Jan. 25th thru the Feb. 14th is the 21-Day Challenge (where the kids are challenged to make a healthy snack at home each day)

· Feb. 29 thru March 6th is when they need to fill out the survey at home (an automated email will be sent to the parents all the kids that signed up to answer the questions).

Ø The number survey completed will determine the winning district.

Top School from the winning district will receive:

A large Crystal Trophy for the campus

Staff lunch provided by Sprouts

$200 GC from Sprouts

Chandler Staff Incentives:

Top Class per grade level – Teacher gets 3 jeans passes & 2 early leave passes

Top Class overall (whole school) – Teacher gets Coupon Book with lots of fun “Teacher Passes”

Top Grade from K-2 and from 3-6 – Those teachers will get Jeans for a week and a special lunch

If Chandler is the top school in the District – Teachers will get ___________________

If Allen is the winning district and Chandler is #1 – Our staff will join Dr. Hindt at his home for a celebration party!!

Looking Ahead

Monday - Staff Development/Collaborative Planning

Tuesday - :)

Wednesday - Harry Myers W.A.T.C.H. Dog Dad (Conor - Bates/5th)

Thursday - :)

Friday - :)

Info from Chelsea


As tutoring groups change, please make sure that Rhonda has the most current tutoring list. When parents call with questions regarding tutoring, it is helpful for Rhonda to have this information so that she doesn’t have to interrupt your class. Also, please make sure that the office is aware if a tutoring session has to be cancelled due to an emergency. Please do not cancel tutoring unless it is absolutely necessary because no matter how much communication is provided, parents still get confused about where their children are.

MOY Textbook Count—I will be sending the MOY Textbook count on Monday, 1/11. It will be shared as a Google Doc again. Please physically count your books and type the number on the form. At the bottom of your column type your initials and the date. Thank you for your help with this! I will close the form on 1/22.

As our enrollment continues to grow, if you are in need of textbooks, please let me know!