Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

October 31, 2013

Opening Prayer

A Prayer Invitation for All Hallow's Eve

Come to keep vigil on All Hallows' Even,
With Monica, Jamie, Peter and Stephen,
With John, Philip, Christopher, dressed up like souls;
Bring berries of red to help warn off the ghouls.
Come knock at the door and beg for soul cakes,
Pray hard for the souls, for the prayers that it takes<

To speed them to Heav'n go too often unsaid, Band who prays for poor souls will ne'er want for bread.


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Room # CampusMinistry

Prayer Requests

White Mass Recap

Guest Sister Chile thanks and shares how the White Mass went.

Friday Prayer

Andres' turn to write and say the prayer for the announcements.

Daily Mass Reminders

Monday November 4th - Jonathon

Tuesday November 5th - Chiara

Wednesday November 6th - Darby

Thursday November 7th - Samantha

Sophomore Retreat Planning

  • Who would like to step up into Director Positions for this Retreat? We need at least 3 Directors, these people will work with Mr. Alvarado to finalize the details of the retreat and delegate tasks to all the other peer ministers.
  • The Theme of the Retreat is Agents of Change: Be the Change you want to see in the World. Sophomore Year is a time for them to step up and change their own lives and the lives of those around them. To let go of the old childish things and realize the importance of our habits, of being proactive and you being the change in your life.
  • Please add scripture verses by Saturday to the Talk Board.
  • Brainstorm and email Mr. Alvarado an idea for a meaningful prayer service that we could use during this retreat. These emails must be submitted by Tuesday November 5th. Everyone should submit their own idea independently.
  • Start adding pages to the Talkboard and brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.

New Teams

Collaborate and submit to Mr. Alvarado via email who you would like to be in your team. Teams should be 4-5 people, be aware we must evenly distribute teams, so your team may be subject to change depending on how you group yourselves. We need 3 groups of 4 and 3 groups of 5. Also have a team name.


Next meeting we will prayerfully invite leaders to fulfill the much needed role of leadership within peer ministry, so start thinking of the people you see as leaders in peer ministry.

Other Business

Contract - Any Updates?

Christmas Caroling - Do We Have a Plan?

Mass Promotion Video - When can we do this?

Peer Ministry Awareness Video (Good Idea, Bad Idea) - Are we going to do anything with this still?

Big Brother/Sister Program for Peer Ministry - What do we want to do with this?

Where are we going to Mass this Month? Which Sunday, the fourth is the Weekend of Thanksgiving.

Closing Prayer

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