By: Kimberly Mackiel and Delia Huerta


The word Denglish refers to the combination of English and Geman. This picture shows the use of English and German on the same flyer.


The word spanglish refers to the combination of Spanish and English. This picture shows Spanish and English used on the same billboard.

Extinct Langauge

An extinct language is a language that is no longer spoken by anyone nor is it used in daily activities. This picture shows the Gothic alphabet. The Gothic language is an extinct language, no one speaks the language and their is no one living in which the language belonged.

Pidgin Language

This picture shows a paragraph of words and not all of these words are written grammatically correct but they can be made out and understood. Some words are written in English and others are not. This shows a pidgin language because it has a simplified grammar and vocabulary of a lingua franca, English.

Official Language

This picture shows a badge that says the official language of the USA is English. I directly relates to the term official language. The official language of a country is the language that is is taken for use by the government for business and publication of documents.

British Recieved Pronunciation (BRP)

BRP is the dialect of English used with upper class British people living in London and is now standard for the United Kingdom. This picture shows how a British accent may sound and how they may talk(to an american).


Dialect is the regional variation of of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronounciation. This picture shows dialect because it shows how different people from the same country or land (hand) but deiffernt regians can speak the smae language but pronounce or write a word differently. (Picture below)
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