Wrangler Weekly

Week of September 18, 2023

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Message from Ms. Bratton, principal

Hello Wrangler families --

One full month of school complete.

First, I want to take a minute to circle back to drop off and pick up procedures.


* Doors open at 7:15.

* One lane only for drop off:

While some parents wish to wait and ensure their child is under the supervision of an adult, other parents behind them may need to dash off to work.

We ask that you do not move cones or create a second lane.

There are safety issues involved.

We have students who walk from nearby neighborhoods and use the cross walk; we also have athletes who are coming back into the building from the practice field. If you are at the very front and are wanting to wait until you see our staff at 7:15, you are welcome to pull around to the parking area near the athletics busses, thus allowing those behind you to move on as needed.


* have your students' number placard on dashboard to help us move as quickly as possible to get students to your vehicle.

* do not block the main driveway -- our busses must be able to get in and out quickly to keep to their routes.

* we will continue to load ONE lane --

while we tried two, there were too many students not listening and cutting between cars creating dangerous situations. We quickly realized that we needed to move away from that plan.

* we will continue to house students in the small gym --

we have seen a decrease in behavior incidents from last year and are able to more quickly locate students needing to load a vehicle, and we are never having to make adjustments for weather

* we will continue to hold cars as we load and then move the line --

from the time the car at the front of a loading group reaches the first spot to the time they are "waved out" averages under 45 seconds. By not having each car scoot up, we ensure the safety of all students loading their vehicles.

Average days, we are wrapping up at 4:30 (same as last year) and that is with more students on campus this year. Fridays are later, as always, due to zero practices/games/etc taking place. While there may be only imperfect answers to these challenges (with construction on 46 and 3 campuses on one small stretch of road), we approach them with our eyes focused on the simplest mission: for the sake of student safety.

NEXT -- our teachers are excited to welcome you to OPEN HOUSE on Monday evening. Expect to learn from each teacher about...

* units and projects that will inspire and challenge your student this year

* tutorial times

* ways to support their learning at home

We look forward to seeing everyone in the cafeteria at 5:00 for the PTA meeting. Teacher presentations will begin at 6 PM sharp!

FINALLY -- Go Gold Week!

SBMS has a l-o-n-g tradition of supporting Childhood Cancer Research. Each year the campus hosts fundraisers to provide our students an opportunity to reach beyond the campus and help fund the search for a cure. See below for fun dress up days and more!

Go Wranglers!

Ms. Bratton

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Attendance Matters!

September is National Attendance Awareness Month! We will be talking up the importance of consistent school attendance all month long and the positive impact it has on your student’s success! Our goal is to have 95% attendance weekly...and this week we accomplished a whopping 97%! Congratulations Wranglers!

SBMS Campus Attendance this week:

  • 6th grade - 97.6%
  • 7th grade - 96.8%
  • 8th grade - 96.6%
  • OVERALL - 97.0%

Go Gold Week Events - Sept 18-22

Annually, Comal ISD goes gold in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. See the flyer below to note events SBMS will host for fundraising for childhood cancer research, care and more. This year, the district-wide wear gold day is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 22.
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PSAT Testing for 8th Graders - Oct 4

Our 8th grade students will be taking the PSAT the morning of October 4th. A couple of reminders for this day:

  • We will have a closed campus this day, so no bringing lunches or visitors.
  • A restful night's sleep and a hearty breakfast is the best start to a PSAT.
  • There will be no tutoring this morning as we set up for testing
  • Please try to avoid scheduling appointments for this day, if possible

Career Day - October 20th

The 3rd annual SBMS Career Day will be Friday, October 20th. Would you like to share your career with our students? Do you know someone who would love to share their career with students? Please complete this form (SBMS Career Day Presenters) or contact Vera Borg at vera.borg@comalisd.org if you would like to help make an impact on the futures of SBMS students. We are excited to share the many different career opportunities our students have in their future. There is a future for every student, and we want to help them realize it.

Child Nutrition

Fence Signs and Spirit Gear

Have you noticed these fence signs as you drive past the football field? Whether your student participates in football, volleyball, or any number of our fine arts programs, you can order your student's sign here and support the cheer booster in the process. The website also has apparel options available to show that Wrangler pride!


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SBMS enjoyed our first CONTEST of the year today during Wrangler Time: Heads or Tails Last Wrangler Standing Smackdown!

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What is happening this week?

Monday 9/18

PTA General Meeting 5pm

Open House, 6pm

Tuesday 9/19

FB vs NBMS, 7th home at SVHS, 8th away

Wednesday 9/20

Thursday 9/21

VB vs CMS, 7th away, 8th home

Friday 9/22

Go Gold Day

Saturday 9/23

XC at Boerne Invitational


9/26 FB vs MVMS, 7th away, 8th home

9/27 VB vs MVMS, 7th home, 8th away

9/30 XC at Marble Falls Invitational

10/3 FB vs AHJH, 7th away, 8th home

10/4 8th grade -- PSAT

10/5 VB vs PRMS, 7th away, 8th home

10/7 XC at GVAC district meet

10/9 Student holiday/Staff development

10/10 Choir concert, 6pm

10/11 FB vs CMS, 7th home, 8th away

10/12 VB vs AHJH, 7th away, 8th home

10/13-19 Library Book Fair

10/14 VB district tournament at DHS

10/17 FB vs PRMS, 7th home at SVHS, 8th away

10/18 Band Concert, 6pm

10/20 Career Day

10/20 Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness Day

10/24 FV vs DMS, 7th away, 8th home

10/26 Pep Rally, Pink Out theme

10/26 Girls BB, 7th home, 8th away vs DMS


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