VCR Lesson 3

Russell Harris

Fill in the blank with the correct word from Lesson 3

The Ebola virus outbreak caused a ________ crisis as it spread throughout the world.

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The Word and Definiiton

pandemic (adj.)

spread throughout a wide geographic area; worldwide


DEMOS (G.) "people"

The prefix pan is Greek for "all". So, the word literally means "all people".


  • widespread
  • prevalent
  • pervasive
  • rife
  • rampant


  • exclusive
  • individual
  • narrow
  • partial
  • rare
  • uncommon


  • The word "pandemic" is most commonly used when describing the worldwide spread of infectious diseases.
  • Not to be confused with "epidemic", which is the spread of infectious diseases in a particular area or region. Used when describing an isolated disease.
  • Some famous pandemics from history include smallpox and tuberculosis.
  • The most devastating pandemic in history was the Black Death, which killed more than 75 million people.
  • Some pandemics in recent history have included the HIV pandemic as well as the H1N1 pandemic.

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. The stock market crash caused a pandemic economic crisis as it affected economies around the world.

b. The restaurant McDonalds has had a pandemic growth this year, as it has opened up stores in several different countries.

c. The fear of terrorist attacks has become pandemic with many countries around the world fearing they will be targeted next.

d. A pandemic outbreak of malaria spread throughout a small county in Connecticut.


The correct answer is D because the word pandemic refers to a worldwide spread, not an isolated spread. The appropriate word would be endemic because it refers to something found in a specific region or area.