Anthem School Updates

February 12, 2020

Early Release Friday at 2:00

No School Monday, February 17

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Next week are parent teacher conferences. If you have not received information from your child's teacher, please reach out to them. We value teacher and parent collaboration and hope that you all will meet with your child's teacher(s). Our teachers have developed schedules with a variety of times to meet parent needs. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in the education of your children.
Friday at our PLC collaboration time, Anthem teachers will continue the work on answering the 4 questions. On our weekly exit survey data teams indicated the following goals for this week:

  • K Unpacking new standard
  • 1 Analyze CFA data
  • 2 Finish E.L #2 from RI6- cumulative assessment
  • 3 Review data from 3.RI.9 assessment
  • 4 Plan grammar and address those standards.
  • 5 Review data from RI5.6 CFA
  • 6 We will administer the CFA within the next week and collect our data.

Note: 7th & 8th meet with multi school collaborative teams with schools from within the district in grade level & content specific groupings.

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Thank you to everyone who donated to our Food and Jean Drive. We are providing over 600lbs of food and 200 pairs of jeans to the Anthem Community. We also raised $215 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Your generosity to support our local families in need is greatly appreciated.
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Hello Parents,

Our motto this week is:

I find purpose in everything I do.

Connecting to purpose (the why we do the things we do) makes everything better. Purpose moves our chores from obligations to meaningful activities. We do our homework because we want to learn new things, we feed and clean up after our pets because we like having healthy pets.

There is often a pretty good reason we do the things we do, and connecting to that reason brings value to those activities. It’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of our chores and activities. When we do, everything begins to feel like an obligation rather than a contribution because we focus only on the work and not on the purpose of the work.

Activity without purpose is the drain of your life.”
-Tony Robbins

Kids may have a hard time finding the value of chores because they don't usually have the same goal as we do. For example, most kids don’t care if the house is messy or not. Maybe your child isn't motivated by having a clean kitchen but does find value in helping their family. You might ask your child what they think the purpose is for doing their chores. Look what one 5th grade girl shared:

“Let me start off by saying I used to HATE doing the dishes.
My motto was: Doing the dishes is boring and a waste of my time.
Then, I changed my motto to: Doing the dishes is necessary and helpful to
my mom, since she goes to nursing school.”

Even if the only purpose we can find is to practice being the person who gets things done, there is immense value in that skill. After all, we develop skills over time by using them again and again, until they are truly our own.

Become today what you will be hereafter.”
- William James

Helping children find the value in their activities helps them to live with purpose!

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q

Upcoming dates

February 14 - Early Release 2:00

February 14 - Spirit Day - Arizona Birthday

February 20 & 21 Conferences - half day dismissal at 12:05

February 21 - 6-8 Dance at 6:30

February 28 - Early Release 2:00

March 2 - March 6 Read Across Anthem Week!

March 6 - Early Release 2:00

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